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TheMusicMan November 9th, 2019 6:00pm

Are republicans (and moderate democrats) afraid of politicians like Sen. Sanders because they hate social programs helping those less fortunate, or because a change or difference of ideologies scares the 💩 out of them?

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JulesVerne Live long, and prosper
11/10/19 7:33 am

What a wonderful unbiased poll.

Ok maybe not. And for crying out loud, better is not the enemy of perfect. Even if you want to move farther toward socialism, it isn’t in your best interest to antagonize moderates.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/09/19 1:12 pm

Change from the status quo scares the shit out of them. They want socialism for the rich and capitalism for everyone else.

hannahlou wear a mask
11/09/19 12:00 pm

Change is very scary for them. They’re used to the status quo, the way things have always been, the good old days. It’s why we see so much pushback against innovation.

They didn’t need as many social programs in the “good old days” because you could sustain a household on a single income. It’s often not realistic today, and even sometimes 2 jobs doesn’t cut it. There’s a paywall to success in America, and it leads to the need for social programs because people have very limited social and economical upward mobility.

krazeelkyt Ohio
11/09/19 11:54 am

People are not afraid of “helping the less fortunate,” as your incredibly biased poll suggests, people just don’t want to tank the economy because people want free handouts. The government shouldn’t have to bail people out because they didn’t work hard in life to make it. And yes, I saw first hand that people can work their way out of the ghetto in modern times if they work hard enough, so don’t try to say otherwise. Also, DON’T POST BIASED POLLS. Have your opinion, of course, but don’t reflect them in your polls if you want genuine, real answers. Very clearly you don’t, because you’re posting biased polls, but I want you to know people like you ruin this app.

zimmy Florida
11/09/19 11:20 am

I’m not afraid of Sanders or Warren, I am moderate, but if they win, so be it! At least they aren’t Trump!