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SouthernBoy November 8th, 2019 2:49pm

Medicare is not even free for seniors. People think they retire than they start getting free healthcare. healthcare for everyone if we raise your taxes. We cannot even provide 100% covered healthcare at no cost to our seniors. Were you aware of that?

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FitzDarcy Tre46on
11/09/19 5:13 am

Absolutely when you factor in Medicare ABCD it can cost upwards of $700 depending on the state you live in availability of Drs etc..

catpillow Florida West Coast
11/08/19 10:26 pm

Yep. In 2020 the monthly cost for Medicare Part B will be $144.30 deducted from our Social Security checks. In addition to that I pay $260 for a Medicare Supplement plan to have a $0 copay for doctors and $60 for a drug plan that keeps dropping the (generic) drugs I take from the approved list.

People should also be aware that Medicare does not cover long term care. If you need skilled nursing care for more than a few weeks, you will be on your own.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/08/19 5:22 pm

Of course. I'll be paying my Medicare premium out of pocket, at least until I'm old enough to want to start collecting Social Security, and happily so. I don’t think anyone has ever considered Medicare to be "free", rather we all recognize it as a good value. I couldn’t care less if my taxes go up if it means never having to pay a private health "insurance" premium again, especially if the total taxes isn’t all that much more that the total of taxes plus private "insurance" premiums and coverage is similar. I'd gladly pay considerably more taxes than that if it meant my and everyone's healthcare was fully paid for, as if we were one of the world's developed nations.

11/08/19 5:09 pm

My Medicare premium is pulled out of my SS check each month. I do know that how much you are charged is based on your present income. I had to show proof that my income was less that what they had so I could get lower premiums. I also have supplement insurance that fortunately for me is paid by my former employer.

bubba2526 New Jersey
11/08/19 2:08 pm

Only reason we don’t is the insurance and healthcare industry make too much money and politicians are in their pockets

11/08/19 10:35 am

I was aware we don't, not aware that we CAN NOT....

11/08/19 9:54 am

Yes and it's just like when Bernie talks about healthcare in Scandinavia, and people don't realize they pay for medication, dentist visits, glasses, nursing homes and a lot of other things.

ovcourse 8646 Bidenflation, CA
11/08/19 9:11 am

But that doesn’t make a good sound bite for the potential nominees.

rons Thanks America
11/08/19 8:52 am

They deduct a medicare premium from my SS. They pay 80% and I pay a secondary insurer to pick up the rest. I have a co-pay.
But life is not free and my medical care is expensive. Maybe $50 grand over the last 18 months. Never thought about going to Mexico or India for better health care.

Zingerz Wisconsin
11/08/19 8:37 am

Yes, not free but much worse is how our veterans are "treated" at VA facilities. I'm fortunate to not have to utilize those but have taken fellow vets for their appointments. Sad. And as I understand it, the VA facilities in this region are superior to most 😢