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Have you ever had a migraine headache?

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YankeeFan3579 Go Yankees,East Side
11/18/19 8:06 pm

Had them pretty regularly in middle school. Still get them occasionally. They suck 🙁

HilfeRetteMich Delaware
11/14/19 12:06 pm

For a while when I was on birth control (OTC Lo), every month around ovulation I would suddenly feel super strange. I’d see things, my limbs would go numb, and one time I got super confused and couldn’t remember anything. I also couldn’t speak. These symptoms lasted about an hour, and then I would just be tired with the slightest pressure in my head. Turns out these were migraines. Scary because they mimic strokes. Turns out they’re also an indicator that you’re prone to stroke on estrogen, so no more BC for me!

grondini Mainer in NC
11/11/19 1:34 pm

My first migraine was when I was about 11 or 12 - I only remember going to a girl scout event, and my head hurt so much...and I was throwing up. It was just horrible, but it's in my DNA.
My mom and her 4 sisters get dad doesn't but at least 2 if 3 of his sisters have migraines. Genetics is not in my favor!

TCheyenne I Love People
11/13/19 10:27 pm

FDA Approves New Drug for Migraine Pain
The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a new drug by Eli Lilly and Co called Reyvow. This new drug is said to significantly reduce migraine pain and other symptoms within two hours. According to Eli Lily, “it is the fist and only FDA-approved medicine in a new class of acute treatment for migraine (serotonin (5-HT)1F receptor agonists).”

grondini Mainer in NC
11/11/19 1:28 pm

Yep. Took Topamax for quite a while - definitely decreased migraine frequency significantly.
Stated seeing a chiropractor for chronic neck pain...after a few months, I was able to stop to Topamax. Still need imitrex about once every month or so, but I am very happt with the result!

JulieB Texas Lake House
11/10/19 12:30 pm

All the time. Migraines are terrible.

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
11/09/19 12:01 pm

Anywhere from about three per year to three per month since childhood.

kcgator Las Vegas
11/09/19 5:12 am

So statistically libertarians have more migraines than everyone else? Hmmm 🤔

phalnx Ohio
11/09/19 4:44 am

I'm shocked by these results. I've never had one, no one in my family has (including relatives), and I've only known one person who had anything close to one (his was caused by sudden loss of BP due to myocardiogenic syncope). Either there's something about SOH that really draws the migrane crowd, or it has somehow gone really easy on my neck of the woods.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/08/19 11:10 pm

Yes. I had some in my early thirties. The pain was intense and unbearable. I haven’t had that kind in years, but I’ve had ocular migraines. The first one, I thought I was having a stroke, and went to my doctor because I was nearby. He sent me to my eye doctor, who printed info for me about ocular migration.

HilfeRetteMich Delaware
11/14/19 12:07 pm

Has it happened since? I got these while on birth control.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/14/19 9:46 pm

I haven’t had one in a few years. One thing I have to be careful about is bright or flashing light that can set it off. When I had severe migraines, I was under tremendous physical and emotional stress. The first one, I was already in the hospital, and it hurt so bad, I felt like jumping out of the the window.

ShakaBrah California
11/08/19 10:13 pm

Just two weeks ago I got a severe migraine, one of my worst yet. I was at marching band practice and my vision got extremely blurry and I almost passed out. I sat out for half an hour until I threw up. Ended up going home, then to the emergency room to get an IV drip for all of the nutrients I lost when they came back out my mouth. My vision was still blurry, my eyes throbbing ad if they were gonna pop out of the socket, and of course, my head hurt a lot. I ended up throwing up at least a half a dozen times that day.

ladyniner81 I hate people
11/08/19 9:51 pm

I get them after a seizure, when I had my period, under stress. Yes

11/08/19 9:47 pm

Yes! And just had a brain scan because since I retired in June, I’ve been having several a week! I guess happiness causes migraines??

oflairkjs Minnesota
11/08/19 6:52 pm

Yes I do. If it wasn’t for Maxalt, they would would be much worse. I’m grateful for medication.

CloudCity New Jersey
11/08/19 4:11 pm

Yes, they suck

kyon TN
11/08/19 4:08 pm

I have chronic migraines. They're a huge problem in my life.

11/08/19 10:56 am

Yeah, with aura, hemiplegic, and cluster and migrainous stroke, they are the bane of my existence.

BrattyLittle1 Grand Rapids, MI
11/08/19 8:33 am

Chronic migraines are no joke

ErlKing Twilight Zone
11/08/19 8:28 am

Yes, chronic and almost daily.

historylover Navy Seawolves
11/08/19 8:23 am

Below is an interesting article from the American Migraine Foundation. There are quite a few different types of migraine headaches. I didn’t know that until my daughter was a teenager and began to have cluster headaches. She had them for years and then stopped having them. I have had ice pick headaches for 15 years now. Both are types of migraines. I am thankful for the ice pick headaches instead of a worse type of migraine. Once I knew that I didn’t have a brain tumor or something equally horrendous, it hasn’t been bad because ice pick headaches come and go so quickly. The pain is intense though. Thought some of you might enjoy reading this.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/08/19 11:40 am

Thanks for the link! That helped a lot! Hubby has been dx with migraines, but I’ve always suspected that he has cluster headaches instead. It looks like, from these descriptions, that he suffers from both cluster and ice pick headaches!


drself Gated Community
11/08/19 8:15 am

I don’t gets headaches at all.

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
11/08/19 5:22 pm

You better be thankful.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
11/08/19 6:09 am

Either I’ve never had a migraine headache, or I just don’t remember. I think more the fore, than the latter...

11/08/19 12:24 pm

If you had a migraine you would most likely remember it. It's not easily forgotten.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
11/08/19 4:16 pm

I’m sure you’re right about that, Ms. cq1. I understand migraines can be debilitating, and I’m sorry for all those who must deal with something as dreadful as this.

zimmy Florida
11/08/19 4:33 am

Yes it nice, it was total agony! 🥴

docccyr maine
11/08/19 4:32 am

Many people think that any bad headache is a migraine, which isn't really true. In reality, only about 10-15% of the population actually has migraines

11/08/19 4:31 am

Yes, mine are chronic and I get cluster headaches as well.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
11/08/19 1:45 am

Several - I was officially diagnosed in my late 20s, but I had actually been having them for all of my 20s, at least, but didn’t realize what they were, partially because I have atypical presentation & partially because one of my triggers is the weather & those typically coincided with allergies/sinus issues, so I was thinking that was causing the pain.

mistaluke Scottsdale, AZ
11/08/19 12:51 am

Anyone here get tired of how the word “migraine” gets thrown around? There are headaches and there are migraines. There is a serious distinction between the two. I often hear of people saying they have a “migraine” whilst carrying on with their daily business, and I’m left rolling my eyes. Am I wrong? Just curious.

me2nokneez California
11/08/19 12:56 am

No. Not wrong. I believe a lot of people that say migraine mean headache.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
11/08/19 1:46 am

Agreed! I think far too many people think a migraine is simply a really bad headache.

11/08/19 10:46 am

Migraine is actually a neurological disease with attacks that often, but not always include intense head pain that is usually not manageable with OTC medications. If your doctor has not sent you to a neurologist, it is probably not a migraine.

Talren Dark Brandon Rising
11/08/19 11:03 am

I get relatively bad headaches every couple months or so that start with my vision going all fuzzy, make me sensitive to light and sound, and are accompanied by nausea — all the symptoms I typically see associated with migraines. But as long as I take a few ibuprofen, they don’t leave me bed ridden and I can carry on with my day for the most part (though it’s still quite a bit harder). Are these not migraines just because they’re too mild? Because they still have all the characteristics of migraines.


BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
11/08/19 1:13 pm

Talren, they could be. They could not be. I will tell you from my own experience that if they are migraines & you take OTC pain reliever for them that you will end up with a less severe headache a day or two after & that is called a rebound headache. I would definitely recommend mentioning it to a doctor, before they become more severe regardless of the kind of headache they are.

saqueas NY
11/08/19 12:34 am

Chronic severe intractable migraine, have had multiple status migraines as well. (Those lasting more than 72 hours and that are typically accompanied by extreme nausea, vomiting, no appetite, pain, chills, hot flashes, inability to sleep, numbness, blurred vision, muscle pain, sensitivity to scent/sound/light, and much more)

It’s a daily thing for me. I have tried numerous medications, Botox, SPG nerve blocks, and carry a triptan auto-injection needle and other medications with me at all times. No aura, but daily pain and other symptoms. Sometimes I will get more aggressive attacks that can lead to status migraines that last for days if I don’t get it on time. Typically are taken care of in the ER or with steroids if I know what it is.

It has been horribly debilitating and I hope it will end some day. My mother had the same issue and it eventually stopped in her mid-30’s.

To anyone else suffering from these, I honestly wish you the best! I wouldn’t wish this on anyone else, ever :(

suppressedID hope despite the times
11/08/19 12:05 am

Not since Sarah Huckabee Sanders left.

desolatia Oregon
11/07/19 11:02 pm

I have one or two a year.

catpillow Florida West Coast
11/07/19 10:21 pm

I’ve had a few. The first one was disturbing enough that if I hadn’t taken a course on headaches, I would have gone to the emergency room. My husband has one every day. He’s tried every treatment available and so far none of them have helped.

kanji401 SoCal gal
11/07/19 9:32 pm

I’m surprised that so many people said yes.

11/07/19 10:48 pm

I’m surprised so many people said no lol

DrCarpenter Ann Arbor
11/08/19 8:57 pm

People generally have a very poor understanding of migraines. It’s a term often thrown around incorrectly.

kanji401 SoCal gal
11/08/19 9:11 pm

Ahh. Thanks DrC. That makes sense.

DrCarpenter Ann Arbor
11/07/19 9:00 pm

The hereditary neurological disorder, yes

me2nokneez California
11/07/19 8:53 pm

OMG. Hell! Once hid in the narcotic room at work, scared out of my mind because I lost my vision for a while. Really bad for years. Nausea. In bed. Couldn’t tolerate noise, light, etc. sounds awful but they strangely went away when my mother passed and I didn’t have to worry about her safety and I separated myself from family.

auntiesamm Orange County CA
11/07/19 8:48 pm

For years beginning at age 21. Unbearable!
Hospitalized a few times for intractable pain. The aura, nausea, etc. What a true miracle in the early 90s and Imitrex.

me2nokneez California
11/07/19 8:54 pm

Yes. I forgot about my auras.

11/07/19 8:48 pm

Use to have a lot of headaches and most were migraines. I now get Botox injections and they have gotten much better.

bnnt Los Angeles
11/07/19 8:45 pm

On rare occasions. But thankfully some Motrin makes it go away.

I feel horrible for those that have them regularly and when aspirin doesn’t work.

EarlyBird Portland
11/07/19 8:42 pm

I’ve probably had fewer than 10 headaches in my life. All the headaches were cured with two aspirin.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
11/08/19 1:48 am

You’re blessed in that regard. 🙂

susanr Colorado
11/07/19 8:40 pm

I get the visual aura and sometimes a bit of nausea but not the headache or other miserable parts. My daughter has been having full-blown migraines for some years.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
11/07/19 8:24 pm

Had a few, but not recently. They had the weird visual disturbances. I believe the migraines were caused by food additives. Since I switched to a healthier diet I have not experienced those headaches.

tdaddy Kentucky
11/07/19 8:20 pm

I don’t think so. I guess that means no.

me2nokneez California
11/07/19 8:55 pm

You’d know if you had a migraine. They’re debilitating

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
11/08/19 1:52 am

I agree in theory, but my migraines were undiagnosed for at least a decade, because I chalked them up to a really severe headache & when my mom forced me to go to the doctor, he looked at me & my atypical presentation & immediately confirmed a family history of migraines & then said, “This is a migraine.”

me2nokneez California
11/08/19 2:12 am

Not sure what you mean by “atypical presentation”. I was self diagnosed myself. Didn’t need a dr to tell me what I had. Bed bound typically for 3 days, auras, severe visual changes, dry heaves, pain in head on minimal movement, sensitive to light or any noise. Horrible. If you’ve never had them, thank who you believe in.

tdaddy Kentucky
11/08/19 1:05 pm

Good reply kneez, yours too BamaGirl.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
11/08/19 1:11 pm

I don’t always have auras with mine. In fact it’s rare. What I meant by atypical presentation is that the entire right side of my face swells. I am extremely sensitive to light & sound, but before knowing about migraines, I thought that was just how everybody felt when they had a headache. I am sometimes nauseous, but I never vomit from a migraine... it’s actually pretty rare for me to vomit for any reason. (I can count the number of times in my almost 46 years on one hand.) that is why I said I have atypical presentation. That said, I have been diagnosed by a doctor… Actually two… With migraines & one did an MRI to confirm it.

me2nokneez California
11/08/19 3:13 pm

Bamagirl. Never heard of an MRI to dx a migraine. How would that work?

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
11/08/19 3:54 pm

The MRI with contrast was really more to confirm the dx of migraine, because many of the migraine medicines that we had tried were not effective on my migraines, so they were actually ruling out other causes.

me2nokneez California
11/08/19 3:55 pm

Gotcha. Like r/o stroke

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
11/08/19 10:28 pm

Ruled out that or a tumor (which was his concern)

MJSeals Esq.
11/07/19 8:14 pm

Migraine status migrainosus, non intractable.

Seems like gibberish, but feels like (is) hell.

omniku dot com
11/07/19 8:13 pm

Regular sufferer, but less frequent and severe as when I was younger

Kay41 the Midwest
11/07/19 7:50 pm

Yes. I had a few in my 30's. Bad times.

STEMguy Parties Are The Enemy
11/07/19 7:50 pm

Only 2 or 3 times. I’d know it was coming because I’d wake up and have a hard time getting my eyes to focus.

ShakaBrah California
11/08/19 10:07 pm

Me too! I always get one after my vision goes blurry. With me, everything in my peripherals start to flicker.

11/10/19 1:43 pm

My neurologist said that is caused by your eyes actually seeing the blood coursing through the veins in your eyes.

ShakaBrah California
11/10/19 2:08 pm

Whoah, that's almost too disgusting to be interesting.