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Praetorianus November 8th, 2019 12:28am

Have you ever lived in a fairly big city? Big here means the city itself has a population of over 500,000. Urban agglomeration may exceed 2 million.

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Laserbeam Back soon
11/12/19 3:01 pm

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chinito Florida
11/08/19 6:44 am

I believe Mexico City will qualify as a big city...

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/08/19 1:39 am

Yes. I was in SF for 2-3 years. W election. 9/11. The birth of the global warming movement.

Everyone was soooo angry all the time.
Hold a door open at the store (oh, that person wants mill too) and you get grilled in your politics and opinions. I had a person toss the milk they took at my feet because I disagreed with his opinion that W looked like a love-child of a monkey, Alfred E Newman, and Hitler.
(Didn't even have to say I voted for W; I asked how he mixed the DNA of three people- one fed, one a cartoon, and one a simian?)

FitzDarcy Tre46on
11/08/19 1:39 am

Metro Area population of 4 million +.

11/08/19 12:27 am

I lived in Los Angeles for about three months. I hated it and moved away to the suburbs.

11/08/19 12:05 am

D.C., L.A., San Jose, and just outside of SF.

DrCarpenter Ann Arbor
11/07/19 9:18 pm

Prague - 1.3 million

orgblu10 Shamerica
11/07/19 8:00 pm

One of those two. My city's population is only about 325,000, but the county has over 3 million inhabitants.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
11/07/19 7:59 pm

The valley of the sun

mark1950 Columbia, South Carolina
11/07/19 7:44 pm

Tianjin, China ... upwards of 14,000,000 😎

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
11/07/19 7:36 pm

Los Angeles county

Attikai Oregon
11/07/19 7:33 pm

I do now but I grew up rurally.

Dax Somewhere in Ohio
11/07/19 7:26 pm

I have lived in Jacksonville Florida and Columbus Ohio too. Both big enough for me.

chinito Florida
11/08/19 6:41 am

Did you know that Jacksonville is the largest city in the continental USA?

Laserbeam Back soon
11/12/19 3:02 pm

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Dax Somewhere in Ohio
11/14/19 8:39 am

By area, yes I did. On a good day with no traffic it would take you a good hour and 1/2 to get from NAS Jax to NAS Mayport.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
11/07/19 7:23 pm

Yes, I lived in Kraków for 5 months when I studied abroad.

It was fine for that period of time, but I would never want to live in a city long term, especially not an American city. I spent most of my life 30 minutes from downtown Chicago and I avoided that place like the plague.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
11/07/19 7:23 pm

I grew up in Brooklyn 2.6 million. Population of NYC is over 8 million.

HBNY this space for rent
11/07/19 7:16 pm

Yes. The City of New York!

Radon Parts Unknown
11/07/19 6:58 pm

I can't think of a worse place to be than hell itself

pcisbs1 Baltimore to Central PA
11/07/19 6:49 pm

Yes, grew up in Baltimore when the rats weren’t as big as cats.

Zach21 California
11/07/19 6:32 pm

I live in a suburb about 5-10 mins outside of Fresno, which has a population of about 530,000.

catpillow Florida West Coast
11/07/19 6:31 pm

Jacksonville FL, Milwaukee WI, Tampa FL, Houston TX, San Francisco CA, St Louis MO, and Memphis TN.

susanr Colorado
11/07/19 6:28 pm

San Francisco and Washington DC. Cincinnati has a city pop of 300K but the metro area is over 2M. I lived in 2 places within 15 miles of Chicago but I don’t know if they’re in what’s considered the metro area.

Think Lovin Life
11/07/19 6:25 pm

San Jose, California
Tokyo, Japan
Hong Kong SAR, China
Mexico City, México

11/07/19 6:23 pm

Born in NYC and lived there twice

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/07/19 6:03 pm

Six weeks in London six weeks in Dublin many years in Seattle three years in Spokane

pixiesmom Texas
11/07/19 5:53 pm

Houston 4+million and lots of urban sprawl. It’s big in population and area.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/07/19 5:47 pm

Petersburg has over 5,000,000. We are building a house in a suburb of Chicago and the metropolitan area has over 9,000,000 in it.

I’m a city boy


cpaswr just say the letters
11/07/19 5:44 pm

I live in a suburb of Chicago.

I’m pretty certain that if I take my town and all of the bordering towns that there would be more than 500,000 people.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/07/19 5:56 pm

Nope. B’ham has an estimated 2018 population of 209,880, & it is the most populous city in Alabama.

The largest city I’ve lived in was Baton Rouge, at 221K.


4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/07/19 5:57 pm

In AL, the largest city I’ve lived in was probably 40K.


sea California
11/07/19 9:13 pm

Wow that’s so different than my experience growing up in Southern California. Totally different!

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/08/19 11:17 am

And I think that’s why we’re now made up of 2 Americas, Sea.....those that live in the Heartland and those in the big cities. Neither one of them have a clue what it’s like to live in the other, and our concerns and interests are not the same.


sea California
11/08/19 1:52 pm

That’s why I vote republican

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/07/19 5:31 pm

Munich: 1.4 mil, 2.6 agglomeration
Stuttgart: 600,000, 5+ mil agglomeration.