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BadSeed November 7th, 2019 10:08pm

Wall Street had predicted that if Obama got elected than the economy would crash. It didn't. Then they said the same about Trump. It didn't. Now they are saying it about Warren. Should we really listen to Wall Street?

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MadCow Kansas Proud
11/08/19 2:50 pm

Don't mess with the engine of our success.

CarlAmeric Bradenton, FL
11/08/19 8:51 am

In this case they are right! Her policies are too radical

chinito Florida
11/08/19 4:47 am

Who predicted that? Who is Wall Street? A few economists?

bubba2526 New Jersey
11/08/19 12:24 am

Can’t trust wall st for shit. I’d trust a lawyer before businessmen

STEMguy Parties Are The Enemy
11/07/19 5:56 pm

It wasn’t really possible for a crash to happen when Obama was elected. The economy had nowhere to go but up. The economy definitely could’ve crashed when Trump won, and it definitely could crash if Warren won, though I doubt it.

Regardless, economists will always say the economy is going to crash or a recession is coming. Fear sells.

11/07/19 5:03 pm

In this case, if Warren runs the country she will run pur country into the ground!

11/07/19 4:21 pm

Be scared. Her policies would be global financial apocalypse

suppressedID hope despite the times
11/07/19 4:10 pm

What Wall Street fears the most is TRANSPARENCY. Those fuckers get away with murder and nobody knows it because they are all too scared to mess with the system.

Malekithe This does not compute
11/07/19 5:08 pm

Just like politicians

11/07/19 3:18 pm

Her name is POCAHONTAS.