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ladyniner81 I hate people
11/09/19 9:37 pm

Nobody in my family likes IHOP and Denny's, there's always a long wait. But I love those loaded tater tots 😁 but I loved Perkins Raspberry cream muffins, but the Perkins near me closed 😑

11/09/19 9:20 pm

I got sick last time i went to Dennys, so iHop. There’s one a few blocks away. They do a good breakfast.

FitzDarcy Tre46on
11/08/19 1:50 am

I vote for Perkins

missmorganmarie ...
11/07/19 8:46 pm

ihop has crepes and eggs benedict

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/07/19 5:56 pm

Just went to IHOP, last week for the first time. My brother thought it was pronounced Ee-ch (guttural Ch sound like in Chai (as in the Hebrew letter) ope. It was hysterical. Then we all got in trouble for making fun of him.


snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/07/19 6:22 pm

Awe I hope you still had a nice meal. What did you order? Did you like it?

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/07/19 7:18 pm

Birthday cake pancakes which were odd but I think all American pancakes are odd but they were also good. Eggs as well. Sunny side up.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/08/19 9:32 am

Do you ever watch Good Mythical
More on YouTube? Rhett and link reviewed some of their specialty pancakes. The birthday pancakes were one of them. I’d like to try the cheesecake pancakes.

Did your sunny eggs brighten your day? β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ


RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/08/19 11:41 am

A little bit. I love eggs.
Two of the foods I have discovered in the US are fried mush (square polenta it seems) and jalapeño grits. I put poached or sunny side up side eggs on/in those and it’s awesome.


snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/08/19 12:22 pm

You like spicy foods, huh? I can’t handle it. It ruins my tongue.

11/07/19 5:04 pm

Don’t care for either. 😝😝😝

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/07/19 6:23 pm

Do you have a favorite restaurant for breakfast?

Carolynn new jersey
11/07/19 4:25 pm

I haven’t been to either one in years. I used to go to IHOP just for their stuffed French toast. So good! When I was out drinking with friends we’d go to Denny’s because it was the only place open at 3am.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/07/19 4:35 pm

It seems they are very similar. It all depends on personal preference. I don’t have either near me. I do love stuffed French toast.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/07/19 4:19 pm

They are both places I would only go to if I’m on the road to somewhere.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/07/19 4:36 pm

I’m surprised you didn’t say Denny’s.

HBNY this space for rent
11/07/19 4:38 pm

I’m rarely in the mood for Denny’s grease.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/07/19 3:46 pm

We don’t have Waffle Houses here, which are kind of like IHOPs done right, and I've never been a fan of the lesser of those two at all. So Denny's wins by default, but it’s a pretty great place to go when you're hungry anyway. Convenient locations, reasonable size portions, lots of what I like best from breakfast to burgers 24/7, and generally cheerful service even when wrangling early morning drunks. The only downside is it’s a sit-down place instead of a grabbit-and-go place.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/07/19 4:01 pm

Do you have a place with a drive thru you like for breakfast?

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/07/19 4:20 pm

You have pleasant servers at Denny’s? Interesting.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/07/19 7:06 pm

Breakfast burritos or Egg McMuffin (or one of each) from McD's, or the Grilled Sourdough Swiss sandwich and a large strawberry shake from JITB.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/08/19 9:35 am

Do you like the McGriddles?

I haven’t been to Denny’s since college, so 1998. The closest restaurant is 45 minutes.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/08/19 1:38 pm

Not really, although I'll eat them if they are out of the good stuff. The nearest Denny's is only about 25 minutes away for me, but in the worst possible, most crowded direction, so I'd only go there if I was in town for something I just had to do.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/09/19 9:14 am

I really like the sausage, egg and cheese McGriddle. I like the McMuffin too.

I don’t blame you for staying away from crowded areas. I do the same.

zimmy Florida
11/07/19 3:31 pm

IHOP! πŸ₯ž

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/07/19 4:02 pm

I love their stuffed french toast.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/07/19 3:22 pm

Ihop's pancakes are lighter.
Denny's burgers are yummy.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/07/19 3:23 pm

But... ❀️ them both!!! Won't say no to either of them πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/07/19 4:02 pm

In the video IHOP won by 1 point. Haha

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/08/19 4:44 am

A statistical tie! This means... grab your gear🍴we got research to do!! πŸ˜„

TheMusicMan Community not Capital
11/07/19 3:12 pm

IHOP is where you “go” to eat, but you don’t “go” to Denny’s - you “end up” there.