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mark4 November 7th, 2019 3:25pm

Is the recent melt-up of the market beginning to remind you of the late 90s?

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lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/07/19 12:58 pm

I’m not sure what you mean Are you saying that stocks are overpriced? How would dividend stocks and value investors be impacted?

11/07/19 2:03 pm

Nothing much. I simply remember being all in, and the market going up day after day with an occasional pause before continuing, much as now. Much as today, contrarian investors lost until they capitulated and got on board the train. After a while nearly everyone was betting on the bulls, nervous about continuing and afraid to sell.

Unlike today, the 90s rise was fueled by everyone’s need to spend massive amounts on new computers and programming staff in fear of the Y2K bug, and afterwards there was a massive drop in spending.

Today’s is fueled by less regulation costs and the expectation of a positive outcome to the tariff mess. The good news is that it isn’t the result of overspending on minimal data center improvements. The danger today is a possibility of the same madness of crowds.

moldypipes99 MEGA MAGA
11/07/19 9:08 am

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