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bnnt Los Angeles
11/07/19 11:59 am

I’d take them all!

They look delicious.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/07/19 9:38 am

Oh no ... he’s making me hungry again!
Looks so YUMMY!!

rons Thanks America
11/07/19 11:33 am

Suggestion. I take two tortilla wheat wraps or one if you like. A little oil in a fry pan, brown on side of the tortilla, flip it. Add tomato sauce, or hummus, or cottage cheese, top with fav cheeses, or fruit, or veggies. Brown the bottom then stick under a broiler. Great lunch!
Turned out a flavored hummus was really tasty.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/07/19 11:37 am

You are so creative with foods. Yum!

chinito Florida
11/07/19 8:52 am

So what, lunch on Sunday at your place? 😂😂😂

rons Thanks America
11/07/19 6:00 am

Variety. Decided to use hummus wwith chipotle, feta, Mexican mild cheese, spinach. Pretty good. Others have prosciutto.

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
11/07/19 7:26 am

rons, your obviously a good chef, & love what you make😋, do you have a weight problem❓

rons Thanks America
11/07/19 11:44 am

I started the tortilla thing in the Vermont country place. The kids were up and i decided to do lunch. They love pizza. We have an electric hot plate to cook on, an electric broiler and a microwave. I got the frying pan and broiler idea 💡!
Worked out well. I made real pizza that way. And I make grilled pizza on my gas BBQ!
Always looking for something new to try!

rons Thanks America
11/07/19 2:27 pm

Not to me. I work out in the gym 3-5 days with weights. I weigh in at 167 at 5’7”. I have a little roll. Nice to be 155. The wife watches me like a hawk.
I try to eat balanced. I do like bread and cheese!

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
11/07/19 2:46 pm

rons👍🏼Sounds like you love food😋as I do, & take care of yourself🤗, as I do, over the past 5 yrs I’ve lost 85 lbs & my wife 48 lbs, as per our Doctor, were both in good health for both being 75😉❗️Hope you both stay healthy & happy‼️

rons Thanks America
11/07/19 3:25 pm

Thanks, back at ya. She never been over ten lbs from when we were married in 64.
I topped out at 185 once. I don’t diet, I try to take smaller portions, skip snacks, drink less. But at 77 with COPD I have to push myself to be active. Cooking and tying trout flies are not calorie burning activities!