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Squidboy November 6th, 2019 5:06pm

Gun thieves in Georgia are targeting pickups with hunting stickers & patriotic emblems. Do you associate a truck like this with gun ownership?

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11/06/19 10:46 pm

I don’t put stickers on my vehicles

Attikai Oregon
11/06/19 9:41 pm

Gun lovers and gun nuts are the source of mist criminals guns.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
11/06/19 9:20 pm

Makes sense. I would never advertise my gun ownership with bumper stickers, etc. I’m a NRA member, but don’t put their decals on my vehicles or anything else.

A friend had the opposite view, reasoning that criminals would be afraid to mess with him if he advertised his NRA membership...until his gun collection was stolen 😲

badattitude no place like home
11/06/19 6:37 pm

Good point, never put gun stickers on your car or truck and never leave them inside overnight. Take them in and lock them in the safe. Or at least locked and loaded on the nightstand.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/06/19 5:37 pm

The hunting stickers, yes, but not the "stupid and proud of it" stickers, losing side racist flag stickers, or the like.

MadCow Kansas Proud
11/06/19 12:44 pm

They'd clean up here in Kansas.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/06/19 12:14 pm

Only if they have a visible gun rack.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/06/19 11:31 am

Do they have the "I'm the NRA and I vote" bumper sticker too?

jmw7477 Indiana
11/06/19 10:33 am

Hunting stickers? Yes.
Patriotic emblems? No.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/06/19 11:33 am

That was my thought as well.

rons Thanks America
11/06/19 10:32 am

The gun rack behind the driver is a dead giveaway. So gun guys are stealing from gun guys. Or is that Beto’s vigilante gun group?

Laserbeam Back soon
11/06/19 10:21 am

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rons Thanks America
11/06/19 10:33 am

Guns stolen from rednecks by rednecks or from Beto supporters!

Laserbeam Back soon
11/06/19 10:35 am

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11/06/19 10:39 am

Beto supporters... In georgia

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
11/06/19 11:06 am

Is Beto the new Fox News bogeyman?