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political November 6th, 2019 5:03pm

“The stock market is like a rollercoaster. The only ones who get hurt are the ones who get off in the middle of the ride.” - Chris Hogan

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chinito Florida
11/10/19 8:17 am

Technically it’s false. I know someone that has been betting against the stock market. Because of Trump of course...

Liberty 4,032,064
11/06/19 4:45 pm

Nope. Get on at the bottom and get off at the top.

MurphDawg information of the now
11/06/19 3:03 pm

Alright, I know absolutely nothing about the stock market, so I’m just spewing things I think I know from listening to others. With that being said, here is my answer:
It generally would be a bad thing to get put into the middle of the ride’ because the only real reason that people get out into the middle’ is because the single stock is ‘crashing’ but the term ‘what goes up must come down’ usually applies here as well. The stock market, if all goes according to plan, averages out over a lifetime, so I would say the same thing about gambling in a casino, the only sure fire way to not lose money is to not risk it. If you are wanting to ‘ride’ it, then ride it to then end, or at least set term. If one stock goes up, another goes down (sometimes) and vice versa. It’s a thrill of a ride, enjoy, because that’s what your paying to do. If you come out on top, it’s the jackpot of this rollercoaster of a ride.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/06/19 3:00 pm

A big maybe, and only if a person constantly evaluates their risk tolerance and their time horizon, and adjusts accordingly.

MadCow True GOP
11/06/19 12:54 pm

Not after living through the bubble. Wiped me out.

11/06/19 12:31 pm

Not if you get off at the top

rons WOKE is sick
11/06/19 10:36 am

Boy! I agree with that!

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
11/06/19 10:10 am

What about when the stock market crashes and there’s no more track left for your coaster car because you lost everything?

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
11/06/19 10:14 am

Or you were planning to retire? Or can no longer work due to injury? Or have to care for a loved one?

rons WOKE is sick
11/06/19 10:38 am

You just have to be smart and not put the apples in one basket. The market crashed in 2008 and I left well enough alone. Did very well.

11/06/19 10:38 am

Good for you. Almost everyone else didn't.

rons WOKE is sick
11/06/19 10:39 am

It’s all about balancing your portfolio with stocks, bonds and cash.

STEMguy Parties Are The Enemy
11/06/19 10:40 am

Unless the world is ending, or you’re investing in penny stocks, it would be pretty much impossible to lose everything in the stock market.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
11/06/19 10:44 am

(Double checks US history)

You sure about that, man?

STEMguy Parties Are The Enemy
11/06/19 10:51 am

Yes I’m 100% certain. There are so many safeguards now that you’d have to be a complete idiot to lose all you money just investing in stocks.

rons WOKE is sick
11/06/19 10:55 am

You can look at the market charts for all markets and see a significant rise in stocks even since the Clinton days. Even since Trump got elected it preformed well.
There is always the mattress for some.
I own munis, preferred, stocks, mutual funds, bond funds. I even own Canadian stock in pot! If I go broke then god help the world!

rons WOKE is sick
11/06/19 10:57 am

Young people should go heavy on stocks. Older people less stock many more bonds. But the bond market could be iffy too. You could get CD’s but they don’t keep up with inflation.

rons WOKE is sick
11/06/19 11:01 am

Rat, your have no clue how people did in the market after 2008. The ones that took a hit are the ones the pulled out. God, they do have historical charts..

political Georgia
11/06/19 11:31 am

In general, the market rebounds. The people who were hurt in the last recession were the ones who sold their position. Of course, people who were retiring at the time were hurt as well. Generally speaking, it’s fair.

Liberty 4,032,064
11/06/19 4:47 pm

Yeah I’m not big into public securities investing and even I acknowledging that you’d have to try very hard to “lose everything” in the stock market.