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zimmy November 6th, 2019 12:08pm

Virginia legislature, has flipped Blue! Is Virginia officially a blue state, instead of a purple state now?

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FitzDarcy Tre46on
11/08/19 3:05 am

Lol 70% of Government employees live in Virginia....nice try though

zimmy Florida
11/08/19 4:36 am

What does that have to do with anything? They still live there, πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/06/19 6:27 pm

Blue πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

JPA1960 Illinois
11/06/19 1:33 pm

I’d give it a few more years.

HBNY this space for rent
11/06/19 10:09 am

Virginia is slowly settling into a very lovely shade of blue.

11/06/19 8:58 am

I think Virginia has been blue for several years.

Zach21 California
11/06/19 8:58 am

I think it’s similar to Ohio, but opposite. Could be considered competitive but trending toward the Democratic Party for sure.

Yessy French Texan
11/06/19 8:35 am

I said this yesterday. Virginia has not been competitive since 2008. I think ultimately R were smart not to do much campaigning there at all. I think they should save that money for North Carolina which is always flip flopping.

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
11/06/19 8:29 am

It’s fully blue at this point.

ILY3000 Blue collar
11/06/19 7:41 am

I don’t get it. It voted for Democrats 3 times in a row. How is it not safely Democratic?

credo Positive Rights Exist
11/06/19 7:29 am

Ode give it a couple more election cycles before I'd be comfortable calling it blue.

skinner Jersey City
11/06/19 5:41 am

It’s a purple state with an increasingly blue shade for sure. Or is that color actually blackface? It’s hard to tell.

smartfart Florida
11/06/19 5:39 am

It’s a slightly more blue purple, which was a bit more blue after 2016. Basically, it has a lot more healing to do before being a fully blue state. There was a lot of damage done.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
11/06/19 5:25 am

Statistical anomaly in Fayette County. My guess is that they allowed the voter fraud to take place to gather proof.

zimmy Florida
11/06/19 5:27 am

Says a Twitter feed πŸ™„, why you always got to be a poor loser?

zimmy Florida
11/06/19 7:09 am

You can never admit defeat.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
11/06/19 9:02 am

What defeat? What did I lose at?

chinito Florida
11/06/19 5:24 am

Is Florida a Red state?

chinito Florida
11/06/19 6:33 am

Really? I would say Floring is the purple-est of states.

zimmy Florida
11/06/19 7:10 am

After the last election(2018) in my opinion Florida went from purple to red.

ILY3000 Blue collar
11/06/19 7:42 am

Don’t be so sure. Florida has gone back and forth forever now. It’ll probably vote for Trump in 2020 but then a Democrat after that.

chinito Florida
11/06/19 7:52 am

Did you see the margins of victory on the last election? It took a big effort to beat a very unpopular extremist like Gillum. And an ex-governor to beat Bill Nelson. It could’ve gone either way.

zimmy Florida
11/06/19 8:14 am

True, but it didn’t, and I agree the future for Florida will definitely be more purple

chinito Florida
11/06/19 12:35 pm

I disagree with you about what purple means, but you are being consistent. I appreciate that

11/06/19 5:10 am

There goes the neighborhood.

I am surprised that terry mccauliffe isn’t running for president