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MadCow Kansas Proud
11/07/19 11:05 pm

We need to set a good example that Republicans actually follow the law.

SuperAgain They lie, Get Over It
11/05/19 8:05 pm

Yeah buddy, let’s get rid of Trump right now! 🤣

smartfart Florida
11/05/19 5:01 pm

Why? It’s just starting to get really good & the supporters’ knees are starting to shake. Just check out this poll.

FLSun Florida
11/05/19 3:26 pm

We know the final outcome, but our elected officials choose to waste Millions of our $$ because they can...

BadSeed Oregon
11/05/19 2:49 pm

Why are Trump supporters worried about this? This is Good for him! The Senate will exonerate him no matter what and then he can claim it was all BS. It will help him in 2020

11/05/19 2:52 pm

While I agree that most will see through this and hold Democrats accountable, this is extremely divisive and further increases friction and discourse among voters. Let the voters decide and stop this foolery!

Ebola007 Florida
11/05/19 2:55 pm

Because conservatives are more concerned with doing the right thing than the thing that benefits them.

Whatsamattaferu 11726
11/05/19 3:07 pm

The democrats have had impeachment on since day 1 this man took office , there whole party is made up stories .

TwinJefe Pacific Northwest
11/06/19 7:35 pm

“While I agree that most will see through this and hold Democrats accountable.”

Trump and his chief of staff both admitted to this quid pro quo. For some reason Republicans think they’re above the law.

Whatsamattaferu 11726
11/06/19 8:22 pm

They admitted it ? Source ?

TwinJefe Pacific Northwest
11/06/19 8:43 pm

Yes, Mulvaney admitted it during his press conference at the White House and said “they do it all the time.”

Trump admitted it on the White House lawn and then asked China to help him as well.

Both videos were widely covered. You shouldn’t find any trouble finding them.

11/08/19 4:02 pm

Wrong! But good try! They were referencing 2016 election meddling by Ukraine!