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ctskapski November 5th, 2019 7:57pm

Those who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, did you actually support her, or was your vote for other reasons (such as not being Trump, being the Democratic nominee, etc.)

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Ebola007 Florida
11/06/19 6:52 am

I didn’t vote for her. She was one of the worse candidates ever to run and ran, arguably, the worse presidential campaign in history. Other candidates on both sides should study it for tips on what NOT to do!

How quickly she managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! 😃


ctskapski x
11/05/19 8:55 pm

I liked him at first, but couldn't do it.
He snapped too quickly, I didn't think he had the disposition.
(Turns out disposition and a quarter will get you a stick of gum.)

11/05/19 3:04 pm

I did vote for Hillary in 2016, and good God I didn't support her. But lesser of two evils and whatnot.

Whatsamattaferu 11726
11/05/19 2:23 pm

I wanted Judge Judy

Diogenes FreeMeBe
11/05/19 1:06 pm

I wanted a BJ from Madonna. 🤡

ctskapski x
11/05/19 1:20 pm

I see.

So not out of support, then?

Diogenes FreeMeBe
11/05/19 1:44 pm

I didn’t vote fo Hillary. I was offering another scenario. 😁

ctskapski x
11/05/19 12:59 pm

While this isn't an attack, I'm sure it will either be seen as one, or be used as a base for one.


I'm just curious.

Admittedly, I don't see much redeeming about her, herself, as a candidate. But I'm wondering if others do, and if so, what?