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maplelee November 5th, 2019 4:47pm

Jane Fonda is on the view barking about how we have 11 years to live before climate change kills us. These bitches are crazy and remind me of Nazi Germany.

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FitzDarcy Tre46on
11/08/19 2:48 am

What a freaking whacko and people have been saying this for 50 YEARS.

BadSeed Oregon
11/05/19 3:06 pm

She's right but it's more like 20-30 years. I'm glad I never had kids. They are so F*cked!

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/05/19 12:41 pm

Hanoi Jane is worried about people dying?!?

Ebola007 Florida
11/05/19 12:07 pm

They are crazy but they don’t remind me of Nazi Germany.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/05/19 10:47 am

They will put gold stars on clouds and try to send them to concentration camps.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
11/05/19 10:01 am

Leftists are dangerous to society.

ILY3000 Blue collar
11/05/19 9:59 am

Is Jane Fonda liberal or conservative?

historylover Navy Seawolves
11/05/19 11:38 am

She has always been evil stupid. She went to Vietnam and supported the Viet Cong. Some American prisoners of war sneaked written messages to her to give their families, and she handed them over to the Communist Viet Cong instead. I wouldn’t cross the street to spit on her if she were on fire. Liberal? Yes.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
11/05/19 11:39 am

She’s a f’ing commie.

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/05/19 12:41 pm

“Hanoi Jane” as the Vietnam Vets call her.

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/05/19 12:43 pm

Some nice photos of her sitting on AA gun.....that gun probably killed Americans...


11/05/19 9:53 am

Rhonda says it’s time to fall into the streets and put our bodies on the line

11/05/19 9:52 am

Fonda says it’s too late for moderation we have to go to extreme measures to save our lives. Like putting people in small rooms in gassing them to death.