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KellyDimples November 5th, 2019 4:15pm

Scott Adams has a theory he calls 'laundry list persuasion'. If someone gives you a list of reasons something should happen, ask them to pick their strongest argument from the list. If you can debunk it, the rest of the list is meaningless.

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lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/06/19 9:51 am

That sounds good. A list of weak arguments adds up to a bunch of nothing.

11/06/19 5:42 am

Me too.

11/05/19 11:10 am

Depends if strongest argument is 9/10 on strength and other are 8/10, then not so much. If there is a huge discrepancy, then possibly

ArrowFodder ohio
11/05/19 10:40 am

I’ve been using this technique a lot :). I used it most recently with Zimmy . You may have noticed me doing it . Not sure

11/05/19 9:25 am

Republicans had a whole list of reasons to impeach Clinton, but in the end it was a small detail bury in the discovery that was used to impeach I would say bad theory

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/05/19 9:48 am

The strongest reason was perjury - on its face, that’s a good reason execution - for a blow job, was not a good reason.

So what exactly does that have to do with the statement?

Also that bipartisan event ended how it should have ended.....with bipartisanship.


11/05/19 9:30 pm

Republicans investigated Clinton and whitewater for 6 years trying to find any reason to impeachment him... They had plenty of things they would have liked to impeach him for but all those things were debunked .. then in discovery they found out he had prejured himself.. also it wasn't very bi partisan..congress voted 228 vs 206... There will probably be a bigger margin in Trump's impeachment being there are 235 democrats in class congress.. and only 5 republican senators voted not guilty. Everyone else voted along party lines.

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/05/19 11:22 pm

“Five Democrats (Virgil Goode, Ralph Hall, Paul McHale, Charles Stenholm and Gene Taylor) voted in favor of three of the four articles of impeachment, but only Taylor voted for the abuse of power charge. Five Republicans (Amo Houghton, Peter King, Connie Morella, Chris Shays and Mark Souder) voted against the first perjury charge. Eight more Republicans (Sherwood Boehlert, Michael Castle, Phil English, Nancy Johnson, Jay Kim, Jim Leach, John McHugh and Ralph Regula), but not Souder, voted against the obstruction charge. Twenty-eight Republicans voted against the second perjury charge, sending it to defeat, and eighty-one voted against the abuse of power charge.”

Really? You had 5 defectors on both sides, and your calling that NOT bipartisan??? The. You had 28 vote against the second perjury charge? Come on dude.....that is bipartisanship.

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/05/19 11:37 pm

The perjury charge was defeated with 45 votes for conviction and 55 against, and the obstruction of justice charge was defeated with 50 for conviction and 50 against.[3][30][31] Senator Arlen Specter voted "not proved"[b] for both charges,[32] which was considered by Chief Justice Rehnquist to constitute a vote of "not guilty". All 45 Democrats in the Senate voted "not guilty" on both charges, as did five Republicans; they were joined by five additional Republicans in voting "not guilty" on the perjury charge.

10 republicans broke ranks for perjury, 5 for obstruction of justice. Again - that IS bipartisanship.

Republicans were unanimously against and you had 2 democrats break ranks against.....that is ABSOLUTELY not bipartisanship what the Dems are doing right yeah.....this debacle is partisan all the way.

Also I refute the 6 years - he had 5 probes.

Trump in 3 years has had 17 investigations on just Russian related items, 9 additional investigations outside of Russia.

11/05/19 9:23 am

I use something that on people who tend to shotgun arguments at me and try to overwhelm me with the sheer volume of issues they expect me to address.
But I don’t tell them their other reasons are invalid- I only tell them I’m not going to let them monopolize my time by expecting me to go through their whole list.

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
11/05/19 5:31 pm

MD, As We’ve witnessed with some lefties like Zimmy, that use the “if ya can’t dazzle them with brilliance🤩, then baffle😳🤯them with 🐂💩”‼️