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JudicialJedi321 2000 Mules
11/06/19 7:17 am

I prefer the term patriot because it’s more difficult to misconstrue my intent.
But pretty much, yes.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
11/05/19 5:55 am

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rons Thanks America
11/05/19 5:06 am

What is the difference.

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/05/19 6:40 am

Zimmy there is very little difference between a nationalist and a patriot.

He didn’t ask if your a white nationalist.......which is just a synonym for white supremacist.


zimmy Florida
11/05/19 8:23 am

Conserv- there is a difference, a Nationalist thinks their country is better than others, and patriot just simply loves their country!

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/05/19 8:29 am

So you don’t think America is the best country in the world??

mtdewbob Arizona
11/05/19 8:31 am

a person who strongly identifies with their own nation and vigorously supports its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations:

zimmy Florida
11/05/19 10:53 am

Conserv- is America the most beautiful, freedom loving nation on Earth absolutely! But there are other things other nations are better at. We aren’t the best in everything. MT definition of Nationalism is spot on.

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/05/19 11:08 am

I am absolutely a nationalist and a patriot then.