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PamGH November 5th, 2019 5:51am

1993 gay man sentenced to death. Juror: We also knew he was a homosexual & thought he shouldn’t be able to spend his life w/ men in prison. SCOTUS may consider case. Claim: biased jury deprived him of a fair trial. Should they hear this case?

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Liberty Lets Use Logic
11/05/19 4:36 pm

What exactly is being contested? From the wording of the poll, it looks like they thought about wrongly acquitted him but didn’t, so the “bias” didn’t even come into play.

MrMilkdud Pref pronouns Thou Thee
11/05/19 9:11 am

So THAT’s why they don’t sentence straight men to serve time in women’s prisons.
I had no idea.

Diogenes IgnoranceNoBlissEs
11/05/19 6:50 am

No. His trial was fair. The sentencing sounds like it may have been biased, but that’s unavoidable with a peer jury.

snagglepuss2 Harmony Bear
11/05/19 6:37 am

I think so. They made their decision based on his sexuality.

Krystina Live and Let Live
11/05/19 5:32 am

No, I don’t think they should hear the case. Juries have to be confident that jury deliberations will remain secret and this sounds like it would be almost entirely about what happened in the jury deliberations. Also, you need only one dissenting vote for a hung jury on a death penalty trial, so unless they can prove that all 12 convinced this dude due bias, the case holds no water.

JPA1960 Illinois
11/05/19 4:26 am

Most certainly.

That is so terrible to hear about.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/04/19 11:04 pm

The idea that he'd like it in prison is ignorant bull. Most prisoners who are straight will think the same and rape him daily. That's like saying a straight woman also would like a men's prison and get all the sex she wants.

TA7 American
11/05/19 11:00 am

Former prison guard here.
You’d be surprised...