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DTinCA Humanist Granny
11/06/19 8:35 am

Only when I’m sick. Otherwise, it’s full octane black tea w milk and sugar.

JulieB Texas Lake House
11/05/19 10:48 am

I’ve been having to drink tea because I have a terrible ulcer and coffee exacerbates it. I definitely prefer coffee. ❤️☕️

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/05/19 8:48 am

I use natural herb teas for healing and health, but my go to tea is either Oolong or Earl Grey.

geddy Colorado
11/05/19 7:59 am

I really dislike chamomile tea, but peppermint tea is good.

DTinCA Humanist Granny
11/06/19 8:37 am

I like peppermint too. Best one believe it or not is Walmart brand. Nothing but peppermint leaves and very minty!

chickencookie disgusted
11/06/19 8:59 am

That’s good for colds.

11/05/19 5:03 am

I don't like straight chamomile but I do like some herbal mixes. I haven't had tea in a long time though.

11/05/19 4:31 am

I love tea and tissanes. Camomile, however, is not for me.

FitzDarcy Tre46on
11/05/19 2:47 am

No Tea ever of any kind. Hot, Cold none.

ctskapski x
11/05/19 12:11 am

Nah. I like my tea to have tea in it.

susanr Colorado
11/04/19 11:12 pm

I haven’t had chamomile tea - at least not just chamomile along, maybe as a minor ingredient - in years, but I used to like it.

I think over half the teas I have (and I have over 30 kinds) are herbals. I like them a lot. Not for any supposed medicinal uses; I just like the flavors.


chickencookie disgusted
11/04/19 10:21 pm

It’s not a tea. It’s a hot drink. And stay away from it if you have hay fever because it’s a cup of weeds.

DTinCA Humanist Granny
11/06/19 8:40 am

A purist! Yup! It ain’t tea just bc you call it tea! What’s that saying? Just bc the cat had kittens in the oven don’t make em biscuits!

chickencookie disgusted
11/06/19 10:45 am

If it doesn’t come from the camellia sinensis plant than it ain’t tea!

Praetorianus In the uncanny valley
11/04/19 10:13 pm

Can't stand it.
I often had a "stomach bug" as a child and mom switched from apple juice to chamomile tea.
I didn't care drinking flowers then, and now associate it with being sick.

FitzDarcy Tre46on
11/05/19 2:46 am

Same here with Consomme Soup, get all barfy just thinking about it.