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FLSun November 4th, 2019 10:22pm

In a Presidential election less than 60% of eligible voters cast a ballot. Which means the winner has the support of about 30% of eligible voters. Given those numbers, shouldn’t we revamp how voters can more easily participate?

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hannahlou wear a mask
11/05/19 12:58 pm

Yes, it should be way easier to vote. Think of all the people who can’t vote because they don’t have transportation or the people who can’t vote because they’re working 12 hour shifts and the polls are closed by the time they’re off work.

VivaLaFalange Vive il Duce
11/05/19 10:19 am

The problem isn’t that it’s hard to get to vote. It’s that people don’t care to vote in a corrupt election, for a corrupt, Jewish owned politician, who has the best interest of Israel and the mega-corporations in front of the people

11/05/19 9:40 am

No. If it is not important enough for you to vote then nothing will change that

11/04/19 8:00 pm

If fewer people vote, my vote will count more.

Think Lovin Life
11/04/19 7:57 pm

NO! If you can’t be bothered, then we don’t want your vote!

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/04/19 4:57 pm

It’s extremely easy already.

11/04/19 5:28 pm

Unless you live in any of the multiple states deliberately moving polling sites, purging voters from the voter roles, cutting polling hours, getting rid of early voting..

11/04/19 4:45 pm

Well thats what democrats have been trying but then they get accused of trying to help illegals vote....

orgblu10 Shamerica
11/04/19 4:08 pm

People who are too disinterested to vote either in person or absentee have already stated they would rather not participate in the process. Let them be. There are already enough low info bodies voting.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/04/19 3:38 pm

It's already too easy in CA!
I can walk in to three polling places, if I have other people's voter books from the mail, and vote as much as I want.
This is how dead people keep voting.


FLSun Florida
11/04/19 3:59 pm

We are advanced enough to increase turnout AND maintain or increase integrity. A simple move to Saturday or Sunday could bring substantial increases.

11/04/19 4:46 pm

Have you tried nobamist?