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DonWichita Kansas
11/04/19 11:30 pm

I like both, but really have a weakness for Mexican.
I am working on trying more authentic Mexican.
Good stuff.

EatMoreMeat Counting the Fallacies
11/04/19 6:56 pm

Italian 💯.

Mexican food is terrific, but loses on lack of diversity: tacos, burritos, quesadillas, etc are all basically identical ingredients served in a different shape or temperature.

JPA1960 Illinois
11/04/19 3:26 pm

Mexican all the way!

We had some Mexican places near my house growing up, and enjoyed them as treats. Churros are my favorite. Along with all the spicy little tapas you can get.

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/04/19 1:26 pm

Itaiexican food FTW!!!!!!

oflairkjs Minnesota
11/04/19 12:44 pm

If the Italian food is made by real Italians.

Quinnipiac Here
11/04/19 12:42 pm

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ILY3000 Blue collar
11/04/19 1:28 pm

You’ve tasted sweat?

Quinnipiac Here
11/04/19 1:45 pm

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Zach21 California
11/04/19 10:30 am

Nothing beats Italian.

11/04/19 10:29 am

I love real Italian food, not this Americanized version.

credo need over greed
11/04/19 10:27 am

Picking between my two favorites.

11/04/19 10:18 am

I like both but I prefer Mexican food.