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SuperAgain November 4th, 2019 1:45pm

Mick Mulvaney basically ’outed’ the US Government for years of State-sponsored Extortion and Bribery under both Parties saying “we do that all the time.” What do you think of these government actions that would otherwise be criminal for individuals?

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11/05/19 9:46 am

Bargaining and leverage happen in every negotiation. Whether it is corrupt or illegal is a whole different question

DTinCA Insert Tagline Here
11/04/19 6:19 pm

There’s nothing wrong with requiring something in return... like, say, keeping shipping lines open or increased security for American citizens... But dirt on a political opponent? Over the line.

11/04/19 9:25 am

I think if we are giving other countries millions or billions worth of something we should be getting something in return.

Or maybe we should stop giving to other countries. Especially the ones that hate us. And instead we should take care of our problems here at home.