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buster1922 November 4th, 2019 7:07am

A lot of people who went to jail did drugs and now all of a sudden people are trying to defend them even though they still broke the lawdo you understand the logic behind it?

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Krosskaos Ohio
11/04/19 7:59 am

Drugs just shouldn't be criminalized.

buster1922 Florida
11/04/19 11:06 pm

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Krosskaos Ohio
11/05/19 7:37 am

I didn't say make it legal, I said decriminalize it. So people who abuse drugs are not thrown in jail. Instead they are referred to either a rehabilitation center or a drug court to decide what treatment they will have. Not only will that cut incarceration rates and save the US money, but it would also decrease overall drug use and overdoses as well.

And you could even go so far as to legalize drugs as well. If you do that you essentially put the drug cartels out of business, and allow companies like Walgreens to sell them, which means health standards and regulations would make sure that the quality is good (drugs laced with stuff like fentanyl is oftentimes the cause of death, not the drug itself). People would buy drugs legally and safely, reducing crime and violence associated with drug trafficking, and new taxes and regulations on them can provide funding for more cheap rehabilitation centers.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
11/04/19 12:30 am

Yeah, same logic can be applied to former draft Dodgers. Or those arrested during prohibition. Dumb laws are dumb