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Krystina November 3rd, 2019 8:10pm

It used to be that the best way to get bad laws repealed was to strictly enforce them. But when our President asked ICE to strictly enforce immigration laws established by Congress, Dems demanded we abolish ICE. We should demand Congress

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JudicialJedi321 2000 Mules
11/06/19 7:24 am

It shows the authoritarian nature of the left. They want one person to rule, but only if that individual enforces their preferred policies.

11/04/19 6:20 am

I think the best ways to change bad laws are repeal or revision. Rules used to enforce many laws, especially at the state level, are changed regularly as they are the enforcement mechanism for many laws.

11/03/19 7:07 pm

How about we change Congress? Why do we need 535 highly overpaid people, plus who knows how many in their staff, doing absolutely nothing except enriching themselves and stealing from the American tax payer.

ladyniner81 I hate people
11/05/19 1:18 pm

There we go 😂😂😂😂

11/03/19 2:18 pm

I don't quite get it, are you saying laws should be changed.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
11/03/19 2:21 pm

I’m not saying anything. I’m asking people what they think makes sense: changing the laws they don’t like or eliminating the agency that enforces the laws they don’t like.

11/03/19 2:31 pm

Ah makes sense. I misread.

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/03/19 2:15 pm

Congress should get off their ass and do something other than try to impeach. They claim they can chew bubblegum and walk - well fucking prove it.