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polster2 November 3rd, 2019 5:24pm

A federal judge in Oregon has temporarily blocked the Trump administration’s rule that immigrants seeking US visas must first either demonstrate that they have health insurance or that they can afford medical costs without an insurance policy.

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suppressedID destiny is right now
11/04/19 10:13 am

My ancestors didn’t have health insurance when they came over from Scotland.

11/03/19 5:20 pm

Another Obama judge

TwinJefe Pacific Northwest
11/03/19 5:12 pm

Had Trump’s healthcare requirement been in place throughout American history, most Americans wouldn’t be here today, including his hypocritical supporters.

polster2 US
11/03/19 5:15 pm

Our health care system is much different than it used to be. It’s way more advanced these days.

11/03/19 7:19 pm

It’s really amazing how many people on the left don’t know the difference between healthcare and health insurance.

polster2 US
11/03/19 8:05 pm

No difference in places with socialized medicine.

11/04/19 6:10 am

Except that in a country with socialized medical care/ insurance you can either wait the ridiculous amount of time for the care you need or you can go to a place that doesn’t have socialized medical care and get what you need when you need it.

TwinJefe Pacific Northwest
11/04/19 6:17 am

While I agree wait times are a problem, millions of Americans don’t go seek medical care at all due to lack of insurance. Our wait times would be longer too if they could.

Think Lovin Life
11/04/19 8:18 am

TJ ... how is that ANY different from the way healthcare was delivered in 1800? In those days, if you and your family couldn’t pay, you died. You didn’t expect others to pay for your care.

polster2 US
11/04/19 8:19 am

Think...Thank goodness President Reagan signed a bill into law that prevented that from happening in American ERs.

Think Lovin Life
11/04/19 8:22 am

Poly ... and if that was the end of it, it’d be fine; but malcontent leftists encourage illegal aliens to commit crimes and invade our country. We now have an unsustainable problem with criminal aliens stealing benefits from American taxpayers.

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/03/19 1:14 pm

Why should tax payers be burdened with immigrants aiming to move here? Immigration policies should be trying to get the brightest and best from other countries to better our society not just everyone....


polster2 US
11/03/19 3:42 pm

You realize that this applies to travelers too, right? In many countries, people don’t need to save up tremendous sums of money in case they get sick because the government pays for their health care.

ConservativeD Libertarian in disguise
11/03/19 4:27 pm

If they can afford to come visit - I don’t see the problem with asking them to pony up on their own insurance.

We could even sell them a Medicaid package that would possibly bring in additional monies!! Just think about the insurance for a car rental - we would be RICH (well the government would be, but yeah)!!!! :)