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Show Of Hands September 5th, 2012 12:00am

Do you ever use/discuss Show of Hands with any groups that you are involved in (class, work, church, etc.) or strictly as a personal app?

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09/09/12 12:15 pm

i used a stat last november for my pf case

09/08/12 10:21 pm

if u could somehow convert this into a forum that'd be amazing :) but yes i do share soh a lot

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
09/08/12 5:44 pm

Mostly at me at the bar w/ myself.

emsies Seattle
09/06/12 9:49 pm

Love SOH. Favorite app, by far. I try I get my friends in on it, but... no cigar. Yet.

09/06/12 10:29 am

I used to be an avid soh supporter, but most commenters got to preachy for me & drove me away. I'm trying again but doubt I'll last long.

yepnope Maryland
09/06/12 9:27 am

I spread the word about this app often, but not to a group

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
09/06/12 4:20 am

I NEVER say my nickname (optimist), but I do mention this app.

09/06/12 2:44 am

Overall I would say results are pretty representational. For those of you who may disagree, what experiences have you had with research?

09/06/12 2:44 am

If SOH paid out referral fees/points I would be very wealthy indeed!
I agree with Tony, my experiences with people with low income, many of them have smart phones. Regarding age factors, I agree elderly don't want/ use as many smart phone features typically.

09/05/12 11:53 pm

I sometimes tweet the poll results, but other than that, not really

09/05/12 11:06 pm

I ask my friends the polls cuz it makes great conversation but I do not advertise it. Sorry Tony....

09/05/12 9:12 pm

I won't even lie, at the dinner table it boosts amaZing conversation and at work on my lunch break my co workers are always excited when I pull out the app and ask questions! It's also a great time burner on a long car ride! One of my top most use apps on my iPhone! xo

Smyle Outside
09/05/12 8:13 pm

I always ask my friend what they would have answered and then recommend it.

giottoblu Connecticut
09/05/12 7:47 pm

The results are fun but often unreflective of valid statistics. There are many more young users and republican users than in life.

09/05/12 7:44 pm

Occasionally mention it. Not enough to say yes

dbrat East Coast
09/05/12 7:18 pm

Just shared with a friend Monday- I think he really likes it

Vxscop In the TARDIS
09/05/12 7:16 pm

It's great for a bus ride with friends

trav Instagram, travisdover
09/05/12 6:50 pm

Share the non-political questions with friends

epicawesum Indiana
09/05/12 6:18 pm

I ask my parents what they think about the non political or funny questions

luna Minnesota
09/05/12 6:15 pm

Our young politicians club uses it on slow weeks to start debates. It's great on a tablet!

09/05/12 6:04 pm

My best friend and I actually discovered the app independently from each other.

HayleyS looking up.
09/05/12 4:46 pm

My friend who uses this app mentioned a question that was asked on here during our government class. The class spent that entire period debating the topic.

ceej Michigan
09/05/12 4:16 pm

Love the idea of discussing the polls on road trips!

09/05/12 3:36 pm

I bring up this app and the related discussions all the time!

OFMafia Oklahoma
09/05/12 3:12 pm

So I feel it necessary, or my duty to spread new ideas and ideals.. :) isn't that the only way we will ever evolve as humans? I think so.

OFMafia Oklahoma
09/05/12 3:11 pm

I agree, it's an excellent conversation starter and it a great way to show many of the naive folks I know how other parts of the country think. It's a great way to show that other REAL people (not just on tv) have opinions that are good. Many comments & links here have changed my way of thinking.

09/05/12 2:53 pm

I'm a one on one peson. I have one smart friend and one smart sister with whom I discuss interesting topics.

truspec Texas
09/05/12 2:50 pm

People need to share it with other people. That's the best way to spread an app

09/05/12 2:42 pm

Interesting poll results are a great conversation starter!

09/05/12 2:37 pm

I'm a high school stats teacher... I use it a ton in class!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/05/12 2:35 pm

@elusive: haha! Same here, I talk about it with whoever'll listen.

montie AnCap and proud
09/05/12 2:31 pm

I see what your trying to do soh.
I see -_-

Sam95 Nebraska
09/05/12 2:25 pm

I've told a friend and my sister. That's pretty much it. I have better things to talk about than an app.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/05/12 2:25 pm

So far the kids I've mentioned it to (college students) have been too "busy" and the adults have been uninterested, but most of the people I know don't have a smartphone or tablet. Poor cellphone coverage, even living practically downtown, could be to blame.

snafu Washington
09/05/12 2:03 pm

It's my app, I've shown my husband a question or two.

elusive Sactown
09/05/12 12:31 pm

I'm always telling people about this app! It's like a conversation starter. "So, there was this poll on Show of Hands..."

O13 Alabama
09/05/12 12:26 pm

Ive gotten quite a few people to download SoH. Love it! It frustrates me at times... but I'm sure I infuriate more people, than they do me.

indygirl Oregon
09/05/12 11:34 am

It's a great conversation starter. Ask your friends the questions and discuss.

gelina44 Missouri , MO
09/05/12 11:33 am

This is my favorite road trip app! Some questions are so good we don't have time for more than one question! I pull it out for long waits and it's truly a delight for us all to see how we compare to each other and the country.

09/05/12 11:14 am

I will show a couple of my more intelligent friends the poll results and try to work out why that group when that way.

09/05/12 10:40 am

I tell people about the app because I want to share the fun. I rarely discuss specific questions, because I don't like possibly contentious discussions.

Tony SOH Founder
09/05/12 10:18 am

@dream I'll outline this more in the next blog post, but soh poll results actually track very closely to other traditional polls when I ask the exact same questions for comparison. Us smart phone users are not as unrepresentative as you might think...

dreamitliveit IDLH
09/05/12 10:02 am

Wish there was a way to get the questions to an accurate cross-section of the population, so SoH could be a more reliable indicator of the country's opinions. The questions are great, but results can't be used for anything bc they only reflect the opinions of smartphone users who have & use the app.

09/05/12 9:39 am

I might ask someone a question from here I found interesting, but I usually don't mention the app.

09/05/12 9:36 am

I'll talk to whoever is around

09/05/12 9:34 am

So many people I hang around of sick of politics etc I tend to keep this stuff to myself.

09/05/12 9:18 am

Discuss with my friends and kids. But not often.