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RayX quit
03/30/13 6:35 pm

Why are Republicans pessimistic?

03/29/13 12:23 pm

I just knew that everyone else was going to so "optimistic".... Lol :)

03/29/13 12:24 pm

Agh, *be so "optimistic"

03/29/13 4:24 am

11111: i am optimistic....that you will one du believe that sound is defined neurological response and not a wave alone. ????

1111111 Wayne
03/29/13 11:07 am

I start physics classes next year. We shall see what Mr. Kadekawa thinks.

OverlordMoo Greener Pastures
03/28/13 7:10 pm

It's an interesting dichotomy. I think a PERSON is generally dependable and tries to do the right thing most of the the time. PEOPLE, however, are generally a*****es who will let you down almost religiously.

03/28/13 1:55 pm

I always stay pretty optimistic. It's a very negative world so it's always hard to not be pessimistic. I think the fact I keep expectations lower than most people helps too

1111111 Wayne
03/28/13 4:25 pm

My low expectations are a part of my pessimistic view.