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Show Of Hands November 10th, 2011 12:00am

Do you associate your beliefs with those of the Occupy Wall Street movement?

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Think Lovin Life
11/21/11 11:29 am

Occupiers may be able to get a job, but they certainly couldn't keep one because they can't add. 1 plus 1 doesn't equal OWS ... (1) Obama bailed out Wall Street plus (1) Wall Street gave more money to Obama than any other candidate ... yet Occupiers aren't protesting against Mr O ...

lgcsrock Texas
11/20/11 12:45 am


kreed Kentucky
11/19/11 4:40 am

They may have trouble finding a job but sitting in a pro for two months making unrealistic demands will definitely not get them a job. Unless they are being paid to protest.

kreed Kentucky
11/19/11 4:39 am

I could give them a job doing door to door satellite sales. Pure commission your pay is determined on work ethic. guarantee they wouldn't take that job because it's hard, and there are no hand outs.

11/18/11 1:10 am

and they know they can't get jobs because..... they are out looking. oh that's right they've been sitting in a park for 2 months. they just want what others have but don't want to work for it

11/17/11 10:26 pm

the whole point is that they can't get jobs

11/17/11 5:14 pm

oh yeah because my value system is based on sloth, greed, violence, and filth. Instead sitting in a park for 2 months how about getting a job and stop leeching off those of us who work

coolguy77 Alabama
11/15/11 9:08 pm

see they are simply trying to seem like the vox populi instead of actually representing our opinions

11/15/11 5:18 pm

Jopat, remember those bank bailouts? Whose money was that? As a tax payer, it was yours, right? And how did they thank you? More foreclosures, additional fees for ATM use for god's sake, and increased take home for executives

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/14/11 10:02 am

No I don't throw things at police officers.

W0rdshark Vermont
11/14/11 5:08 am

My grandpa worked 40 hours a week assembling Fords. That job alone was enough to support his wife and three sons. Can you imagine that today? Today him and grandma would have to have 3 jobs between them. The upper crust has hoarded too much of the money, life in the working class is untenable.

11/13/11 9:56 pm

People wanting a $20 or more minimum wage just want a decent lifestyle without having to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. People have lives to live. That should be more important than worrying about having time to spend with family and friends.

11/13/11 12:49 pm

Since the news won't tell me, I went to see our Denver occupiers last night to ask what they want to accomplish. I talked to at least 20 people if not more. Not two answers are the same...they don't know what they want and some are being paid to protest! Losers! Long live the protesters of the 60's

DanIndepen Ohio
11/13/11 12:22 pm

there are countries that have NOTHING and the knuckle heads think it should be hand out galore. as days move on, the likelihood that these are going to end peacefully diminish.

DanIndepen Ohio
11/13/11 12:19 pm

occupiers need to occupy a job, regardless if they are overqualified or not. @cwexile, I don't agree, wiping everyone's debit, and setting a $20 dollar minimum wage sunds like people wanting MORE about we work for our earnings, and quit bitching about how hard they have it.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
11/13/11 10:54 am

Wu Tang
First of all, it's obvious that approx 60% of the people who call themselves independents do so because they do not want to be associated with Obama Dems even though they voted for him last time & intend on voting for him again.

Think Lovin Life
11/13/11 10:22 am

You can find an ounce of truth in what the OWS folks are saying, if you have the patience; but the fundamental problem with the movement is that it's been taken over by zombies. The credible voices went home ... to their jobs and lives.

dartguy24 Northeast
11/13/11 7:47 am

what are their beliefs? no one has identified them.

11/12/11 5:18 pm

Hansel: which banks actually stole people's cash?

11/12/11 12:07 pm

Wait a minute. Your biggest banks steal your cash, and you're against the voices that call attention to it? lol! you act as though the banks are your drug dealer and you're ticked off that someone's cutting your supply!

Think Lovin Life
11/12/11 11:15 am

dedicating should have been deficating ...even the spell checker can't believe the OWS crowd. The only reason the poles don't show most Americans against the OWS is because the networks aren't reporting the lunacy of OWS.

Think Lovin Life
11/12/11 11:13 am

LuTang ... how many rapes or murders or even drug arrests were there at the Tea Party events? I'm sure more Dems than Independents or Reps agree with dedicating on the police cars too. You must be so proud of the OWS ... I think they need a big hug from auntie LuTang ... go on!

tsk California
11/12/11 11:09 am

Occupy wall street became occupy any street. These hippies are causing police over time all over the country and are driving businesses down that are near the protest. They also rape women just like during the arab spring. The revolution is more like a devolution.

6fingers Texas
11/12/11 10:22 am

Keep the population stupid and dependent which is what has happened. Then we need government to save us. Bunch of takers is what OWS is. Only upside is for their parents who finally got the dead beats out of their basements. Locksmith business is booming as they change the locks to keep em out now.

W0rdshark Vermont
11/12/11 8:14 am

Man, reading back over these comments is depressing. Our country is swindled more and more blatantly every year, and most of you are still regurgitating the excuses you're fed. All I can say is GO VERMONT!

11/12/11 4:22 am

They don't know what they're fighting for anymore. As the days go on, the stories change.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
11/12/11 12:55 am

It might just be me, but I really have no clue what the OWS crew are trying to achieve. If they come up with something clearcut, I might support them.

11/12/11 12:52 am

More independents identify with OWS than Tea Party.

More Republicans identify with OWS than Democrats identify with Tea Party.

Judging by SOH....OWS is more universal and no-partisan interesting.

11/12/11 12:27 am

and from the looks of the polling results way too many of you people have bought what they're selling

11/12/11 12:25 am

unfortunately with billions of dollars pumped into think tanks have engendered a propaganda structure that has been extremely successful in blowing lots of smoke up our you know whats.

11/12/11 12:22 am

if you guys understood what decades of neo-liberal economic policies have done to our country and plant you would all support the OWS protests

6fingers Texas
11/11/11 11:28 pm

@kris. Job market is what you make it. If no job is beneath you employment can be found. Have hired over 60 people myself in last 6 months. Can't find enough people who can pass drug test and want to show up week after week or would have hired 20 more. hard work but pays 80k/yr. Yeah it's tough!

11/11/11 11:07 pm

Fairness- so, you're ok with OWS hurting people. Are you going to hurt anyone personally?
Who deserves to be hurt, exactly?
Whose wife, husband, child, or parent in your community do you believe is expendable?

Everyone- here is your proof that OWS advocates violence.

flip Michigan
11/11/11 10:27 pm

considering some of the loans banks would give to unemployed people, the risky deals and absolute BS wallstreet was and still is in (LOL MF Global), I supported OWS. But now OWS has become a disgrace to protesting. They're like the modern day hippy who has too much time on their hands.

11/11/11 10:09 pm

OWS = Bunch of whining kids with iPods and MacBooks asking for freebies and free degree's in non-marketable degrees like political science, film, ethnic studies, underwater basket weaving, etc.

11/11/11 8:42 pm

OWS = angry mob that has lost the ability to reason and can't comprehend logic. Mob mentality is a dangerous thing.

11/11/11 8:41 pm

...stole from each other while defecating on police cars.

11/11/11 8:41 pm

About 80% of Wall Street supported Obama and gave his campaign record amounts of money. So who do these crazy leftists go after? George Soros? No. That would be the reasonable thing to do. They went after Rupert Murdoch instead (whom of which has nothing to do with Wall Street). Then they raped and

oriole Indiana
11/11/11 8:16 pm

Like razor said, fed screws the country. OWS are just people who want to blame wall street for their problems. Their policies also would hurt capitalism and further hurt the unemployed!

11/11/11 8:01 pm

Sevrandy, the Fed screws the country

11/11/11 7:42 pm

I agree with some of the things, but I posted "No." I don't think a lot of those people really understand what it is they are protesting. And those kinds of protests, unfortunately, seem to attract a lot of young men with too much testosterone.

11/11/11 7:42 pm

@fairness. you are only following the lame media's attempts to classify the Tea Party. They have never called for violence and most are very respectful of others. change in our communities needs to come from within our communities not by counting on the government.

11/11/11 7:16 pm

sorry I don't no why it posted 4 times. I didnt do it. glitches.

11/11/11 7:16 pm

Wall street screws the country..

11/11/11 7:16 pm

Wall street screws the country..