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If there were no legal speed limits, would you regularly drive over 90MPH?

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08/08/12 5:17 am

The potholed roads around here are scarey enough at 65. The speedbumps and broken pavement on the freeway would send you suborbital at anything over 80.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/05/12 11:44 am

@cgeorge: In the grand scheme of things, going from tidewater to nova (200 miles) is generally half a tank in both of our cars whether we go 70 or 85. I mean, it makes a difference when just driving, but on a trip, a sixteenth of a tank isn't that much of a difference.

08/04/12 10:31 pm

Regularly? No. Fuel economy sucks above 75 mph. No reason to waste petrol when its this expensive.

eshelmsc York, PA
08/04/12 4:05 pm

I'd feel safe driving 100 - 110 on dry roads. Wet roads I don't feel comfortable going faster than 70.

08/03/12 9:08 pm

Not regularly however on a traffic free interstate I do enjoy "opening it up" occasionally. My F150 does 106 mph (according to gps speedo only goes to 100) without the worry of getting a really expensive ticket would enjoy long drives much more.

adalla Virginia
08/03/12 6:41 am

3 million car crashes every year, over 40,000 needless deaths. Nobody gets riled up over the stupidity of so much preventable mayhem though.

adalla Virginia
08/03/12 6:40 am

Speed limits are there to limit the damage in the inevitable crashes (we stopped calling them accidents years ago). Studies show they don't affect the rate of crashes. Europe has far fewer crashes because they have higher licensing standards and better road engineering.

08/02/12 7:57 pm

Yes, in the future I will drive like 300 mph on a highway in the sky.

08/02/12 7:46 pm

Proven fact Germany's autobahn has a lot fewer fatalities. Most fatal accidents on u.s. highways are rear end collisions. Caused by distracted drivers

08/02/12 5:33 pm

90 is a little high for my current car. In the 80s, absolutely!!!

08/02/12 11:26 am

If it were safe to do so, yes. LA to Vegas....absolutely!!

08/01/12 9:48 pm

In 1985, I was pulled over in Georgia for "doing 114 with my brake lights on" back when the speed limit was 55 MPH. I had traveled 424 miles in 4 hours.

TheDad Florida
08/01/12 9:47 pm

Speed limits are just a way to gain revenue look at the autobahn it has a much lower accident rate than our highway system. And there citizens are harrased by the police much less.

eradicator JC
08/01/12 3:22 pm

Too many Americans are too stupid to STAY OUT OF THE PASSING LANE. I've done 90 mph a few times in NY state when conditions permitted.

philmchawk Gaia Agia
08/01/12 12:46 pm

72% of Americans are lying sacks. Lol

08/01/12 9:23 am

Maybe if I had played a lot of video games growing up, but in hindsight there would be something like a 30% chance of it being a bad idea.

FaceMoose Over There
08/01/12 9:17 am

My drive home consists of a long two lane highway with lots of curves that are without guardrails or shoulders. I hate it when people come up behind me going way over the speed limit(65). Your hurry is not worth risking my life or the lives of others. Back the eff off. You are NOT above the law.

FaceMoose Over There
08/01/12 9:08 am

My poor little 4 cylinder Prizm has trouble with anything over 70mph, although I have gotten it up to 100mph before (just once, years ago). I tend to average 60-65mph. I get better gas mileage that way anyhow.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/01/12 8:20 am

rtilden- having grown up in Gold Beach, I regularly drove between there and Brookings. I could do 65-70 in a 15 passenger van for almost the whole way. There are a few corners where even a teenage driver knows to slow down!!! But yeah, the straights at Pistol River are made for speed! And cops! LOL

08/01/12 7:41 am

The fastest I've been in a car is 140 the fastest ive been in a truck is 124

08/01/12 7:40 am

The autobon is the safest highway in the world so I still don't see why they haven't opened one in the US

08/01/12 6:31 am

Just drove that stretch of 101 south of Golds Beach and was north of 90mph a few times. Another suitable hwy in CA would be I-5 pretty much north of the Grapevine. Driving to LA would be so much quicker if there were designated high speed lanes where Porsches could run free.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/31/12 11:49 pm

Tops- 101 is actually the only place I've ever driven over 100mph!!! Just south of Gold Beach, Cape Sebastian. South side of it is Pistol River. Nice straight stretches!! But I was headed up Sebastian when I hit 100. I was 16. What can I say??? :-) And yes, God bless those dang RV's!!!!!!!

07/31/12 10:58 pm

If I drove on the interstate, yes. But I only drive 5 miles to work and there is no way to get up to 90 mph between lights. We take my husband's car on weekends, so I rarely drive then

07/31/12 10:52 pm

I'd rather drive fast than drive right behind other people and swerve in and out of traffic.

07/31/12 10:51 pm

Only when I feel it's safe. On an empty highway with good conditions and visibility.

07/31/12 10:24 pm

Im all for it, only on highways/expressways , I personally think that tailgating should receive a large fine

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/31/12 10:17 pm

On the interstates and rural highways at low traffic periods during daylight, yes. Throughout most if the West the speed limits are 75 with the normal flow of traffic being 80-85. 90 isn't much of a stretch. During my years in Germany I routinely drove the autobahn at over 100 mph comfortably.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/31/12 10:17 pm

This time of year we have tourist, God bless them, those RVs go slow. The 101 is so beautiful who can blame them. High speeds would be fast then slow on curvy roads not a good idea

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/31/12 10:07 pm

Not at my age. Around here roads are curvy

peacenskis Alaska
07/31/12 9:54 pm

Up until the age 22-23 if I had made it. I was 21 the first time I drove through Montana and could haul ass on the interstate. Wasn't so fun was it was normal to be going that fast. I choose 70-80mph for a fast cruise comfortably. Anything over that is a little much these days.

07/31/12 9:09 pm

Way to fuel inefficient.

pretorian Florida
07/31/12 9:01 pm

I know - and where there are limits, there also are automatic speed radar cameras - you get a ticket without police around, they get a pic of the license plate and the driver.

O13 Alabama
07/31/12 8:55 pm

@pretorian: Germany also has much stricter traffic laws. Sit in the passing lane for a long time, or flip someone off and get caught... you are not going to like the polizei response very much. I got a ticket on the autobahn... no its not a free for all, yes there are speed limits on sections of it.

pretorian Florida
07/31/12 8:43 pm

Yes but the autobahns are actually quite safe.
If you have three lanes you go to the center lane and go with the flow. There will be limits at deer crossings or turns and automatic signs warn about jams.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
07/31/12 8:15 pm

my brother got a $500 ticket for going 92 when he was in a hurry, and they made him take a defensive driving course. I understand it's a hypothetical question but the reason we have speed limits is because going that fast is really dangerous. at that speed, the smallest mistake could be fatal.

pretorian Florida
07/31/12 8:13 pm

My ezperience with the German autobahn was that I feel comfortable doing 90 in an ordinary sedan but not more - any faster and buffeting by wind and pavement irregularities becomes alarming. Tested with Mercedes 260 E.

Sam95 Nebraska
07/31/12 7:54 pm

If you get in a wreck going 90mph you will die..
Why would people say yes to this. You are not only risking your life, but other innocent lives. Not to mention going that fast, you will probably pay nearly double the gas. And going 90mph instead of 60-75mph is not saving much time. Like 6-8 minutes.

07/31/12 7:26 pm

I don't think my car goes above 90 lol

Zackisan VC Member
07/31/12 7:13 pm

Not regularly but if I was running really late or was driving across the country I would

07/31/12 7:07 pm

On the highway I defiantly would