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Show Of Hands December 23rd, 2012 12:00am

Are you more suited to play the role of good-cop, or bad-cop?

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beanD California
12/29/12 11:39 pm

Looks like there are some job openings for us bad cops!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/27/12 6:33 am

That wandering eye makes 'em cave every time.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/27/12 6:31 am

They're out there. I would say that the majority are good cops (especially the seasoned ones, rookies can be a bit brash, and lacking in leniency).

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/27/12 6:30 am

Not practical these days. If everyone were armed, and took their responsibility to police their community seriously, your point would be much more feasible.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/27/12 6:28 am

Depending on the crime in question, mostly good cop. I could let it all out for certain crimes though.

12/26/12 9:16 am

Or course. Ive been using SOH before comments and such

taboo Louisiana
12/26/12 9:08 am

how about no cop

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
12/25/12 11:24 pm

Honestly either one. I'm very empathetic and understanding, but I can be a scary-ass mother fucker when I need to be.

12/25/12 9:23 pm

Id be the mall cop

joshgoinham Birmingham, Alabama
12/25/12 10:01 am

Don't know that I've ever actually met a good cop.

illinois217 Illinois
12/25/12 1:09 am

Lol Mississippi people are weird

12/24/12 9:04 pm

Bad Cop. that is why i am not a cop.

12/24/12 8:46 pm

Actual cop - good cop. Disciplining a child - bad cop.

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
12/24/12 8:34 pm

I'm more suited to play 'fat cop'.

12/24/12 8:18 pm

I voted good cop, but I can be a bad cop when I need to. I can tell my kids to clean their rooms in my angry voice with the best moms. :)

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
12/24/12 8:11 pm

I use to be bad ass in my younger, "I don't give a f**k" days. Now that i am older and a little wiser, I'm more gentle and understanding. I couldn't play the bad cop if I tried. I'd be the good cop.

chile safer than congress
12/24/12 6:35 pm

I clicked good, until I remembered my hunched back and wandering eye. Factor in the rancid breath and tourettes, and just let me do the questioning - sons a b$@*hes.

munkey? SilentMunkey
12/24/12 5:30 pm

I got a gun drawn on me for taking a step for my license. He was to far away...

He dropped my license and registration. Yelled, "DON'T APPROACH ME SON!!! On the ground!" I was really confused. Looking back I can see how he was so scared. I was 17, 5'5", 145lbs and wearing I button up shirt.

munkey? SilentMunkey
12/24/12 5:26 pm

Grits are conservative breakfast slop.

Oatmeal is for liberal lunatics.

Real men eat steel cut oats.

I do love those oats.

susanr Colorado
12/24/12 3:26 pm

Or the *suspect.* They're not necessarily criminals.

MrWalrus Undergrid
12/24/12 3:18 pm

I'm going to have to say this every day until I die. Dems, the political party of the KKK, can't call people racists. Early gun laws were written by Dems to keep guns out of the hands of blacks so the KKK didn't have to be worried about being shot by blacks (who were Repubs). So there's your bad cop

12/24/12 1:38 pm

Playing the bad cop is always more fun. But as a person, I could do both. I'll reason with you and try to be pleasant, until you mess with. You mess with me and I drop the smile.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/24/12 1:29 pm

Oh yes and don't forget he was from a very good well-known prominent family. For some odd reason he did not disclose their name. Maybe what's their wishes.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/24/12 1:13 pm

Yeah we tolerated him for a long time he loves to raise the hackles on peoples necks but he got too carried away and Tony banned him for good.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/24/12 1:10 pm

So right. And mine all turned out to be very good citizens. A very blessed Christmas to you.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
12/24/12 12:33 pm

Depends on the day.

RJ1969 SoCal
12/24/12 12:11 pm

wow, I have no idea what you're talking about. I need to do a little research.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
12/24/12 12:09 pm

Absolutely. He was my hero. He had everything and did everything. Or did he have everything and know everything? I miss his colorful posts. If only everybody could be like that...

12/24/12 11:29 am

Shout out if when you saw this question you thought of Herc and Carv from The Wire.

jmw7477 Indiana
12/24/12 11:24 am

We don't have kids, but with our friends & family..... I'm usually the bad cop & my hubby is the good cop. I don't have a problem saying no. Hubby sometimes does.

ladyniner81 I hate people
12/24/12 11:09 am

I'm short tempered, impatient, intolerant and I'd beat the snot out of someone who looked at me funny or talked to me wrong..definitely a bad cop

12/24/12 11:09 am

Well, in this situation, you'd probably be dealing with an *alleged* criminal, whom we should have sympathy for. How much sympathy we should have for *convicted* criminals is another question, however.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/24/12 10:55 am

Ouch. They can be that weird sometimes? Until I have a nasty experience with cops personally, they'll still be a source of info if I need to ask a question. If I need to answer 50 of their questions before I get mine answered, that's fine.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/24/12 10:52 am

Well, my note from November 19, 2011 only definitely has Krav Maga, but that's more of my research note sparked by his comment a few days previously about hand-to-hand combat. Oh well.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/24/12 10:48 am

Oh yeah, he was like the most formidable hand to hand combat person you'd ever meet besides Chuck Norris :D He said he was like an expert in 5+ different disciplines. I don't remember which ones though. Maybe I can dig it up out of my notes since I looked them up. I'll let you know shortly.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/24/12 10:45 am

He could easily bench 300+ lbs (wait, what's that in kilograms?), I think he had a few limousines, what other wacky stuff?… I don't remember right now. But he was definitely a troll. A lot of his claims seemed pretty outlandish. He seemed like a 20 year old college drop-out trying to be macho.

12/24/12 10:45 am

Who says they are guilty? Understand the justice system before you reply.

omniku dot com
12/24/12 10:25 am

Oatmeal, ehhhhh? I dunno... Sounds kinda commie to me.

12/24/12 9:46 am

Good plan because I am sort of the same way, but it's good to have police who enforce the law and help
the world of crime but their trigger happy and corrupt superior acting attitude needs to go.

12/24/12 9:45 am

I could be a bad cop cause I care nothing about the feelings of major criminals

12/24/12 9:39 am

In real life I would more likely be the good cop, because In know the mentality of a bad cop if I were an actor it would be easy/fun to play the role of a bad cop.

12/24/12 9:34 am

Bad cop is so fun. You get to scare the criminal silly

lazel fandom rehab
12/24/12 9:25 am

I can play both but I've always felt somewhat sympathetic toward criminals for some reason so probably good cop

12/24/12 9:19 am

A good bad cop ????