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Show Of Hands June 26th, 2012 12:00am

Is your main computer at home connected to the internet wirelessly (i.e. home wifi network), or via a wired connection?

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JoJoPogo22 Madison, WI
06/29/12 6:24 am

Wired 2.0 MB per second download speed what up

06/28/12 9:27 pm

laptop at a docking station

06/28/12 8:04 am

I have plenty of wireless devices, but I would lose my head if my main computer wasn't hard wired. I also keep a hard line corded phone on every level of my house in case the power goes out. I swear I'm not old! :)

06/28/12 5:56 am

I would prefer to wire it up, but my router is on the other side of the house from my computer, which sucks, especially because of all of those damn world holes in minecraft servers-grrrrrrrrr

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
06/28/12 5:02 am

Optimist16....get your cords out of the way ,dummy

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
06/28/12 4:58 am

Mailbag....If your wifi connection is secure you can use any device to do banking,shopping,it has to be password protected though.

06/28/12 3:55 am

Cable modem, Ethernet. Wireless router. Linux Ubuntu. Rock solid and very secure.

06/28/12 1:27 am

Wireless around the dormitory hall But i requested a wired connection since i have a specialized cord i built myself so that it can receive the bandwidth faster.

06/27/12 11:17 pm

Main computer is wired, everything else is wireless

qwerter Its a trap
06/27/12 10:01 pm

Mine is wired but we use AT&T so it's slow no matter what.

06/27/12 6:34 pm

My main, or THE main computer? My main computer is wireless because it's in my room and it's my personal laptop. The desktop is wired.

06/27/12 5:31 pm

Wired, because wireless is 10 times slower. And I use my computer everyday.

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
06/27/12 4:13 pm

Cat5 ports wires into every wall of the house, and a banging router signal when that won't do.

06/27/12 3:59 pm

My main computer is a wired desktop. No way you could get me to use a significantly slower laptop with a tiny screen

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
06/27/12 2:28 pm

Desktop is wired, but everything else is wireless.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
06/27/12 2:12 pm

Well MY personal computer is connected by wifi, but the family computer is connected by wire.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/27/12 1:19 pm

Wired, and it sucks when people step over the cord!

cbbfle Nashville, TN
06/27/12 1:02 pm

I would, but I get within .5 Mbps of our top speed over wifi...

06/27/12 12:59 pm

Their are several advantages to using ethernet. Not only are you more secure, but you will never get the speeds you have available on ethernet on wifi.

Basically, any tech person will use ethernet.

06/27/12 12:36 pm

The only thing Connected by a wire is my xbox

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/27/12 12:16 pm

Wireless link to wired. Easy to rdp from apple or laptop if needed.

snafu Washington
06/27/12 12:14 pm

Everything we have is wireless, laptops, cellphones, headphones, PS3.

06/27/12 12:06 pm

My PC desktop is wired; no sense in having a powerful machine if it's just going to get bogged down by a slow connection.

Everything else is wireless; laptop, iPad, TV, PS3, Xbox, Mac.

06/27/12 11:37 am

Wired. Way more secure than wireless where you are sending everything out for everyone to see. You just have to be patient and know what to look for. Aside from security issues you will never reach maximum speed with wifi unless you have the optimal setup. An empty room with just your router and PC.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/27/12 11:00 am

Main and two others connected to the router, and the router connected to the cable modem with cat5e. Laptop, iPads, one of the printers, and Kindle all connect to the router wirelessly. The whole home wired/WiFi network connects to the Internet through cable.

06/27/12 9:40 am

True Xbox requires the speed and wired is lag resistant.

it's very fun to have a bunch of Apple stuff because EVERYTHING is wireless :)

-Xbox is wireless for me.

ElizabethL BOS . NC
06/27/12 9:34 am

Pretty Fly For A Wifi. Who uses a wired connection nowadays? I mean really, even my Nana uses wifi.

lmurder MDK
06/27/12 9:17 am

It's 2012. Only people in the ghetto have wired pc's.

06/27/12 8:58 am

HP touchsmart is wireless. Laptops are wireless. Xbox 360 is wireless. Wii is wireless. iPod touches are wireless. iPhone is wireless. Droid Razr is wireless. Yeah, not many networking wires in the house

06/27/12 8:36 am

Phone, laptop, one pc are wireless. Xbox 360, printer, and old crappy PC are wired in.

06/27/12 8:33 am

Wired is faster, pc, Mac an ps3 are direct connected. iPod is wifi xD.

06/27/12 8:14 am

wifi with the laptop/'s cool so I can watch football and putter around on the computer during the 50,000 commercials

raywygo Pittsburgh
06/27/12 6:59 am

I have a wire running down my hall to my computer. It's quicker through a wire

06/27/12 6:12 am

Lol, if you asked me the same question in the 90's I would have said its connected through the phone line. =[

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
06/27/12 6:10 am

Usually Wi-Fi, but pretty frequently it's connected via Ethernet if I'm in the right location. 300+ mb/s vs. 1 gb/s.

Nerdz Texas
06/27/12 6:06 am

I have an older computer, meaning no wi-fi 

06/27/12 5:56 am

I still use DSL actually for my main desktop. It's hooked up to a router so everything else is wireless

iloveu Michigan
06/27/12 5:55 am

Home wifi network. It's handy to have

06/27/12 5:49 am

Wired. It's really the only way to get Internet/cable via the cable company here. I do have a wireless router though.