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katniss Dallas, TX
03/29/13 12:10 pm

ANGELA WE ARE ALIKE. because I love both of these shows so much. I chose the office though (before Michael left of course!)

Angela12 Anyang, South Korea
03/29/13 2:05 pm

Haha yay! I found a friend :)

I voted for The Office too!

Diogenes FreeMeBe
03/29/13 12:43 am

Office with Michael Scott. I heard he will not be in the finale, only at the final curtain call. Bummer.

Angela12 Anyang, South Korea
03/28/13 3:00 pm

Haha I had a hard time writing it, if that makes you feel better :)

03/28/13 11:49 am

I love Ron but I still think the office is better.