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Show Of Hands August 7th, 2012 12:00am

Which product category is more influential in where you decide to shop?

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BriD Illinois
08/08/12 5:29 am

Definitely beauty...! Sephora, Ulta, some at drugstores, salons, etc.

08/08/12 5:10 am

Emsies what do you use for your curly hair? My niece has same "problem" and has not found anything to keep her curls from puffing into frizz.

emsies Seattle
08/08/12 12:15 am

Hair care stuff...
I have the most annoying curly hair, and I use special stuff for it.

08/08/12 12:02 am

Costco because of laundry and cleaning by bulk.

drcynic Pittsburgh, PA
08/07/12 11:47 pm

Neither. Prices and convenience influence where I shop

08/07/12 11:13 pm

Don't hate me because I'm crazy beautiful yo. Lol

lawstudent Western NC foothills
08/07/12 11:03 pm

Cleaning. Cleaning products not tested on animals are trickier to find, so I go where I can find them. There are plenty of cosmetics not tested on animals.

08/07/12 9:44 pm

What a dumb set of choices, it should have been groceries ( ie. Kroger, Publix) or household items ( ie. Walmart, Target)

elbow82 Veganland
08/07/12 8:59 pm

I very rarely buy either type of product, but if beauty = cosmetics, then I buy beauty products about once every year or two.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/07/12 8:44 pm

Well, as a guy, I took beauty products as deodorant and hair grease/gel. Or would that be cleaning? I don't even know...

dawl adulting
08/07/12 8:02 pm

These numbers are surprising - you can get detergent at dollar tree

08/07/12 7:30 pm

Tide is sold almost everywhere. The same cannot be said for Clinique. That being said...I am buying most of both online nowadays.

08/07/12 6:44 pm

I can pick up cleaning products at any Rite Aid or Duane Reade or major stores like Target, etc. Beauty products I tend to be pickier about. Mainly stick to M.A.C. or Sephora.

Wes28 CBus
08/07/12 6:23 pm

Terrible question...but even Tony isn't perfect!

08/07/12 6:03 pm

I don't live on my own yet ap I'm leaning towards beauty products even though I only use them for special occasions like me as I am not as you want ;)

nnayllek Cliffs of Insanity
08/07/12 5:12 pm

Three kids, two cats, and a husband that could be a poster-child for Dirty Jobs. Cleaning/laundry because my sanity depends on it!

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
08/07/12 3:53 pm

Neither, really. Honestly, this question is kinda pointless. I mostly shop at Target or Walmart bc they're open late. 11pm/24hrs, respectively.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/07/12 3:45 pm

I do laundry. I clean. I don't use beauty products. Easy question, but not really on point. Regardless of what I need, the only thing that influences where I shop is where can I get in, get what I need, and get back out the fastest? I'd do all of my shopping at a drive-through if I could.

08/07/12 2:46 pm

I don't buy beauty products where I buy cleaners & detergents.

Planoneck Guam
08/07/12 2:41 pm

Anyone who votes for Romney seriously doesn't understand politics or economics.

Kay41 the Midwest
08/07/12 2:37 pm

Beauty products. When I find that "works or me " product I will shop wherever they carry it.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
08/07/12 2:23 pm

Well. I don't buy beauty products. I chose laundry.

Fact FL
08/07/12 2:23 pm

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08/07/12 2:08 pm

How bout neither. Location decides where I shop

pretorian Florida
08/07/12 2:06 pm

Gadgets gadgets - Office Max, Radio Shack...

08/07/12 1:58 pm

Laundry & cleaning. Because laundry implies the use of electrical appliances and all I really care about is consumer electronics.

EarlyBird Portland
08/07/12 1:44 pm

I'm a woman. What do you think -)

pe1031 San Marcos, TX
08/07/12 1:36 pm

One cleaner is the same as all cleaners. But if they don't have my shampoo then I can't shop there.

08/07/12 1:32 pm

First !!
And neither there both boring