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bherzberg March 28th, 2013 5:35pm

Men: Do you have facial hair? Women: Do you like facial hair?

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Aliggan China and Florida
03/28/13 2:41 pm

I would like like Commander Riker if it weren't for my incessant young blonde hairs. All you can see is a chin strap w/ lame Mr Sideburns

eliroque miami
03/28/13 2:39 pm

It doesn't look good in most mans

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/28/13 1:32 pm

Full beard, year round. I shaved for the last time forever the day I separated from the military. In my experience, fewer women like the beard than don't, but the ones that do are more fun.

akgoat UniversityofAlaska
03/28/13 11:22 am

My hair comes and goes with the seasons. I'm due for a cut and shave real soon.

blockfisher Clinton, CT
03/28/13 11:11 am

I tried to grow a beard once but my wife said I look like the unibomber so I gave up on it.

Jeninerd Hoth, AK
03/28/13 10:45 am

As a general rule, I don't like it. Only a few guys can pull it off well, and it itches.

KudosToYou California
03/28/13 10:47 am

It gets a lot better with conditioner and combing.

Emma Austin.ish.
03/28/13 1:24 pm

exactly this. it almost always does itch, no thank you! plus most guys (2/3?) look better without.

Angela12 Anyang, South Korea
03/28/13 10:44 am

There are few things sexier than a little facial scruff on a man for me.

Angela12 Anyang, South Korea
03/28/13 11:27 am

Any amount as long as you don't need a comb.

Angela12 Anyang, South Korea
03/28/13 11:29 am

Biggest turn-off though is a neck beard and nothing else haha

samlissie California
03/28/13 10:43 am

Stubble is fine but after a while, please shave it.

03/28/13 10:43 am

I try to keep it shaven. It grows so damn fast. Plus my facial hair and my face dot coordinate and it makes me look bad

susanr Colorado
03/28/13 10:39 am

I like either, but I don't dislike facial hair so I voted yes. Whatever a man is comfortable with is fine with me.

Although some facial hair is more attractive than others.

KudosToYou California
03/28/13 10:35 am

Started in January, trimmed once as needed, and I will again just before graduation.