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ayeyguy March 28th, 2013 4:55pm

Should doctors be able to sue prosecuting malpractice lawyers for frivolous cases?

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03/28/13 2:34 pm

In theory it's great. But it would never happen because the lawyers control the judicial system. The bar is too powerful.

thatguy81 here
03/28/13 9:56 am

Cant fix a sue happy world with more lawsuits...

ayeyguy Arizona
03/28/13 10:12 am

Good point!

The idea is that lawyers will have a disincentive to take frivolous lawsuits. Since they could get sued for it, they'd only take cases with merit. The result being less malpractice lawsuits, and better medicine (less defensive medicine).

Whether it'd work or not is the question ;)