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Cole12 February 14th, 2019 10:07pm

In America, healthcare makes up 18.2% of GDP, and this is increasing every year as our population ages. In developed countries with single-payer (UK, Japan, etc.), it's around 10%. Should we switch to single payer and save trillions of dollars?

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02/15/19 11:21 pm

Americans don’t care about fiscal responsibility. That’s a liberal concept.

ronderman North Carolina
02/14/19 8:09 pm

Your results will be flawed because your question is flawed. You should have asked two questions and maybe you would have gotten accurate results. Instead, it appears you were more interested in making a political statement.

PhxLibertarian Republic of Dave
02/14/19 7:34 pm

The extra cost has nothing to do with the lack of a single payer system. The difference in America is that we sue whenever we get a bad result. This means malpractice premiums are very high and our doctors require many extra tests that are only ordered to be evidence if there is a malpractice suit in the future.

Always remember, correlation is not causation.

02/14/19 6:21 pm

Absolutely not. The government should stay out of healthcare for working people under 65. That should be privatized

phalnx Ohio
02/14/19 6:29 pm

Why are you ok with them handling the healthcare of people over 65? Seems inconsistent to me.

02/14/19 6:42 pm

Medicare isn’t free and you have to buy supplements to cover what Medicare doesn’t and there is always the deductible, dental, vision and pharmacy extra costs.

TwinJefe Pacific Northwest
02/14/19 7:36 pm

So why not do the same for people under 65?

02/14/19 7:40 pm

Medicaid for all?

02/14/19 7:42 pm

Unaffordable. California tried that already.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
02/14/19 5:09 pm

Are we going to get japan or Britain’s demographics too? Otherwise your math is fucked

presrvd Phoenix
02/14/19 5:51 pm

Let’s adopt Japan’s immigration policy as well....

02/14/19 4:38 pm

No. That would be terrible. You framed the question around only one metric.

02/14/19 3:15 pm

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02/14/19 3:21 pm

I mean other countries with open borders have single payer.

02/14/19 6:20 pm

Finland Norway Austria to name three. But I would suspect most European countries