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oOrangeMan February 14th, 2019 2:41pm

Do you think Trump will sign the crappy 1.6 billion dollar spending bill that the Democrats are going to send to the house?

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02/14/19 10:42 am

What a biased question. Downvote.

orgblu10 Shamerica
02/14/19 10:01 am

If he does, his new nickname should be the Caveman. Reminds me of how George W. Bush handled his second term. Smh

american6 Moderate Libertarian
02/14/19 9:23 am

I love how you never show your bias in your poll questions.

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/14/19 9:30 am

I love how you don't even post polls anymore...

american6 Moderate Libertarian
02/14/19 10:17 am

At least my polls weren’t as biased as CNN headlines

theNobamist Silicon Valley
02/14/19 8:48 am

He'll take it and declare an Emergency.

GlockMan1 Alabama
02/14/19 8:35 am

I think he will but I would not.