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Ovix Christian Fascist
02/18/19 3:24 am

Honestly, the white race is the most degenerate it seems. And we always do the will of ((())). From the Bible, we followed their decision to kill our Savior. Now we follow their decision to kill millions for those such as Israel

CarolusRex1697 Gott mit uns
02/14/19 2:53 am

Being white doesnt matter, its where i come from that matters. My family comes from Sweden and that i am incredibly proud of.

zimmy Florida
02/13/19 4:28 pm

I could care less about race, I’m very proud of my ethnicity however!

thedman Free Kyle Rittenhouse
02/13/19 8:30 pm

πŸ‘†same. You can support your people/ethnic group/ nationality without being racist. I’m not proud of any race because that makes no sense. People of the same race but different ethnic groups and nationalities have been fighting amongst each other since forever. Never in WWII did two white guys find each other and stop fighting because they were both white. But they would it they both spoke the same language. This is why it’s not racist for the British to want their country to stay British and for the French to want the same. And why they don’t want any more middle eastern or African economic migrants. It’s also to some extent (not entirely) why Americans don’t want tons of Hondurans in their country. 0 to do with race (if you doubt that just look at all the Mexican citizens that wanted the Hondurans out).

02/13/19 4:06 pm

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RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/13/19 3:53 pm

No. Neither proud nor ashamed. I’m a white guy. No control over it. Why would I be proud of something I had no control over?