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zimmy February 13th, 2019 12:08pm

Would you support Trump, taking disaster funding to fund the wall?

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JamesAndersonMD La Jolla, CA
02/14/19 2:27 pm

Yes... it’ll get tied up in courts till he’s out of office, and make sure there’s no more shutdowns. Probably the best solution.

bartman71 USW
02/14/19 12:26 am

If it's for "defense", take it out of the Defense budget.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/13/19 7:27 pm

Under no circumstances would I support that. Absolutely 110% NOT!

snagglepuss Story Time
02/13/19 11:21 am

HELL NO! 🤬🤬🤬

shygal47 Florida east coast
02/13/19 8:30 am

No, I would NOT support using disaster funds. Us little people may need them - not that he cares.

zimmy Florida
02/13/19 7:43 am

I thought so too! But they keep bringing it up

SuperAgain They lie, Get Over It
02/13/19 9:16 am

High crimes and treason. All in plain sight.

Robert01 existentialist
02/13/19 8:43 am

Character unknown box to you too.

raidadave Washington
02/13/19 10:35 am

A shutdown would be the end of trump. Bring it on!

Robert01 existentialist
02/13/19 11:12 am

I'm not a trump fan if there's a better politician out there let him Step Up.

liddleTrump trump is liddle
02/13/19 6:48 am

I don’t support the misuse of funds.

KellyDimples NJ
02/13/19 6:51 am

Might as well go ahead and shut the whole government down, then.

kscott516 Masks fail
02/13/19 8:01 am

But you vote Democrat?! How do you reconcile that?

02/13/19 6:35 am

No. I don’t support a wall at all.

02/13/19 7:01 am

Not the kind being proposed.

Robert01 existentialist
02/13/19 7:05 am

So under different circumstances say the country was not in debt you would say yes to the wall?

02/13/19 7:22 am

If we weren’t in debt and infrastructure was being updated and repaired I’d be more open to the wall just for the sake of ending talk of the wall and moving on to improving the country.

02/13/19 7:31 am

I believe we have bigger immigration fish to fry that won’t be solved by a wall.

Robert01 existentialist
02/13/19 8:49 am

I agree, there are bigger fish to fry in the immigration situation. And the wall would not affect those situations.

Where we disagree is that there is a border security problem and a wall would strengthen that.

02/13/19 9:31 am

I believe there is a border security problem. 100%.

MannIsMe Did You Assume My Party
02/13/19 6:20 am


If we must have a wall split the cost up.
Either take it from El Chapo or grab a piece from Defense, a piece from Homeland Security, Justice, any department with a remote interest in The Wall

KellyDimples NJ
02/13/19 6:13 am

I like Ted Cruz's idea. Use the El Chapo 14 billion to pay for it.

zimmy Florida
02/13/19 7:45 am

I wouldn’t be against that