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bbrewer2 February 13th, 2019 2:25am

click this link to make some free money!!:)

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02/12/19 10:39 pm

Try again as Qanon, you will get some takers 😜🤣

bbrewer2 Ohio
02/12/19 8:40 pm

I’ve already deposited $200 into my account y’all!:) this shit is real! 😝😝

Radon Parts Unknown
02/12/19 8:55 pm

That 200 is from the scammers that are paying you.

susanr Colorado
02/12/19 9:04 pm

It may or may not be real. It smells like a scam, though.

But even if it’s not a scam, it’s targeting *kids.* That’s sucky in itself.

It also probably violates SOH

You might want to close the poll.

Radon Parts Unknown
02/12/19 10:05 pm

He won't get paid if he closes the poll tho...