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CaliRepublican February 12th, 2019 9:59pm

Fellow republicans, I conducted a poll that asked only democrats if they supported Ocasio-Cortez or not. I now ask you the same question. Do you support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Give your reason in the comments.

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RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/12/19 6:54 pm

No. She’s the result of “everyone gets a trophy”.

In 12 years we will all be dead anyway, apparently. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Radon Parts Unknown
02/12/19 5:00 pm

We need to reduce carbon emissions. So, we are going to build railways, rebuild all our buildings, and tear up our roads......... With diesel powered heavy machinery.

Get a real job. Work and toil like the rest of us for 30 years, then run for congress. Don't make a career out of running people's lives.

FriendlyGuy Erected
02/12/19 3:35 pm

No. I can’t take her serious after all of the things she was seriously considering:

Tax the wealthy (70-90% marginal tax rates), her stances on abortion, her “Green New Deal” that will ban cows, air travel, and a majority of the cars owned currently, as well as getting rid of all fossil fuels... If you are actually taking this shit serious, you are either high on weed that Dems want to legalize or you are in some fantasyland where we all dance around a fire nude... Our economy would go to shit if we passed any such thing... And not to mention the unemployment rate would skyrocket and it would be another Great Depression...

Besides her radical and unreasonable policies, her temperament is very disrespectful compared to republicans, but it’s probably because she is a young millennial, but some of the stuff she has done isn’t suitable for a congresswomen and yes our president has somewhat of a loud mouth, but most of the time, there is truth behind it, but it’s in an inappropriate way.