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Show Of Hands February 12th, 2019 5:45pm

A hires and pays B $500 to build an ugly fountain on A's property. The fountain would lower the value of the property. The fountain costs more than expected to build, and B stops halfway after spending the money. A sues. How much should A get?

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02/12/19 10:49 am

The first question that needs to be asked is why the fountain cost more than the estimate. If the reasons are legitimate, party A either pays for completion at an increased amount or gets the work they paid for. If it's because B was negligent, A may pay something but not the entire amount.

It also depends on how the contract was written. This question can't be answered without more information.

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02/12/19 10:47 am

This is the most stupid poll I’ve ever seen.

02/12/19 10:50 am

It's definitely close. There is no way to answer this question with the information provided.