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Robert01 existentialist
02/12/19 4:08 pm

Do we have an overbearing federal government?

Attikai Oregon
02/12/19 2:16 pm

It's the only thing that can keep the multinational corporations and oligarchs in check unfortunately we are losing that battle in the US. we're on the road to becoming more like Russia.

EarlyBird Portland
02/12/19 10:02 am

If by “powerful” you mean bloated and corrupt, yes.

RemiRiot91 Torrington, CT
02/12/19 11:39 am

Powerful meaning corrupt yes but what i mean is have we the people given the government too much control of us. Example they want to ban soda for kids. Who are they to tell me how to raise my kid?

EarlyBird Portland
02/12/19 12:55 pm

Yes. Government has too much control.