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Posco February 12th, 2019 5:32am

Hypothetical question: would you be in favor of building the border wall if it could be built (recycled) completely out of confederate civil war statues?

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suppressedID keep Summer safe
02/18/19 7:03 pm

I LOVE this idea. It could make me switch positions.

JudicialJedi321 This is How Liberty Dies
02/17/19 11:16 am

I am completely ambivalent to the statues themselves, so would not oppose it on the condition the people in the community where the statue currently exists approve. I believe the people always deserve a say when it comes to what is done with the statues and stuff that is in their town

By the results of this poll I’m guessing that would be a solid “no”.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
02/12/19 2:44 pm

No way. Don't touch those statues!

02/12/19 10:09 am

It should made from real white nationalists.

zimmy Florida
02/12/19 4:42 am


02/11/19 11:46 pm

No, you don't have to agree with the confederate statues but they are apart of our history and it should be a good thing to see them and so we can look back and say wow that is where we came from instead of looking forward knowing where we will be. Also, there is not enough Confederate statues to do your idea. Though recycled materials is a great idea make that part of the green dream right their

02/12/19 4:52 am

There are these fancy stacks of paper with little symbols on them. I don't know if you have ever heard of them, but they convey the history a !or better than statues and don't glorify traitors/slavers.

For more info:

suppressedID keep Summer safe
02/18/19 7:05 pm

So you support child labor and shooting Chinese laborers, too?

“Because it’s good to look back at history...”

02/18/19 7:17 pm

I support looking back in history, to learn from what is good what is bad and how we grew from what we are.

People learn from history in all different ways art, books, statues. You take away one man's way of learning and you take away the lessons he will learn.

I know not every culture does things right we all have something bad in our past. But that is why we look back so we dont repeat the things we have done today or in future time to come.

02/18/19 7:22 pm

And just because I look back in history does not mean I support what happened. It just means we have the right to look back on it and reflect. You dont have to support everything you read or look at. Sometimes you just need it for educational purposes

02/18/19 7:22 pm

Statues *aren't* history. They are nought more than monuments meant to glorify the subject that they've been sculpted.

02/18/19 7:27 pm

Like I said you dont have to agree, I only said what I think

02/11/19 10:59 pm

Nope. Confederate statues should be melted down and resculpted into Sherman statues.