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Flowbro February 12th, 2019 4:51am

What’s your initial reaction to the word “socialism” ?

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02/12/19 12:58 pm

ALL of my reactions to socialism are negative

02/12/19 1:01 pm

All of my grandparents fled eastern Europe around WWI and shortly thereafter. I’ve learned the horrors of socialism and fascism (very similar)

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
02/12/19 6:57 am

For everyone who despises socialism.....I would ask you to stand on your principles. Please send all your social security checks to me, I will dispose of them for you. Not old enough for SS yet? Then make your stand by refusing to drive on socialist roads. Drive on private toll roads only. Not old enough to drive? Stop attending socialist public schools. Demand that you parents pay $12,000 a year to send you to private school. Or better....just homeschool yourself! Who needs loser teachers anyway? /s

SuperAgain They lie, Get Over It
02/12/19 5:18 am

Actually positive because of my recent conditioning to invert the meaning of all gaslight.

02/12/19 3:59 am

SS, Medicare, Interstate Highway System, Public Education, Police, Fire Depts. and the Union States Military. All positive socialistic results of our hybrid capitalistic/socialistic system. It would be wonderful to add Medicare for All to this list.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
02/12/19 1:13 am

The Evil Empire is now the Enemy Within.

02/11/19 10:32 pm

Don’t like socialism..........don’t use the police, fire, public schools, hospitals, EMT’s, roads, bridges, tunnels, public transit, public parks, rely on TSA’s or air traffic controllers or the military or intelligence agencies to protect you, or use regulated drugs or agriculture products tested by the FDA or use Medicaid or Medicare or Social Security or, or.............or...........
All of those things are a result of combining resources for the common good. Also know as socialism.
Seriously people, think.

02/11/19 11:26 pm

That logic is flawed because in order for your opinion to be correct it must be true that the means of which those services are funded is what also creates those services. For example using the same logic I could say that I stole money to buy a puppy, and we all love puppies, therefore stealing is good.

Not to mention, many government services would be way more efficient if they were privatized.

02/11/19 11:54 pm

You make no sense and yet you say my logic is flawed. If pooling money via taxes and then distributing those funds to support the common good isn’t socialism, then what is it?

geoag02 Dallas, TX
02/12/19 12:40 am

Government providing some public services ≠ government owning the means of production

I dislike the second one. The first is ok.

02/12/19 6:43 am

Well maybe I make no sense because it would be hard to use logic and believe socialism is good at the same time. I never said what you were talking about isn't socialism. Using force to take other peoples money, so you can pay for things you want isnt the best way to do things.

Flowbro Utah
02/20/19 12:57 pm

You’re implying we wouldn’t pay any taxes either

02/20/19 11:32 pm

Yes, people will pay for goods and services they need voluntarily. They will even voluntarily help others pay for goods and services if those people actually need help. Things get distorted and immoral when you allow people to mix force into the equation

02/20/19 11:52 pm

Oh right thanks people won't voluntarily pay for things they need. Humans, the most intelligent animal on the planet, capable of learning calculus, playing an instrument, oh yeah and creating calculus, music, and the instruments to make music, but incapable of knowing how we should each spend our own money. Where would we be without someone like you telling us what to do?

Flowbro Utah
02/21/19 1:20 am

Wait I think we agree with each other haha. I got confused.

Flowbro Utah
02/21/19 1:21 am

I was replying to @smart1

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
02/11/19 10:03 pm

Positive cause I advocate worker control over the means of production