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Think February 12th, 2019 3:35am

Does it make sense to limit the number of cells that we have for prisoners and if we exceed that number that all new criminals will simply be released back into society?

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GeezerGolf Show us your papers
02/12/19 10:47 am

Yes, we need more criminal diversity on the streets.

02/12/19 7:47 am

As long as we release them back into their society, I’m fine with that.
In fact, I’d be fine with eliminating the cells entirely and establishing a “same day return” policy.

swervin Maryland
02/12/19 6:42 am

Why don’t we “release” them back into their home country.

chickencookie Jihad Joe
02/12/19 6:27 am

It’s costing us $135 pp a day just to hold them. The whole thing is a mess.

SnotBubble California
02/12/19 1:31 am

90% of the illegal immigrants held are non-violent individuals. Why would we pay to hold them? Don’t you crazy right-wing nut jobs want these people out of our country?

So stop portraying that ALL illegal immigrants are murders, rapists, drug dealers, sex traffickers or terrorists. Thats called scapegoating. It’s what the Nazis did to Jews. It’s not cool...

theNobamist Silicon Valley
02/12/19 1:08 am

The Left is good at under-resourcing and creating scarcity.

susanr Colorado
02/11/19 9:33 pm

No, of course not. But who is proposing that specifically?

02/11/19 9:26 pm


Think Lovin Life
02/11/19 9:33 pm

LJ ... I know, moronic isn’t it! The Democrats are demanding that we limit the number of illegal alien criminals that can be detained by ICE in order to come to a compromise and avoid another Democrat caused shutdown of the government.

They’re saying that they don’t want us to be able to detain more than 16,000 criminals at any one time. If more than that arrive, then we’d be forced to release some. These aren’t just the phony asylum seekers, these are individuals that have committed additional crimes — like, murder, rape, DUI.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/11/19 9:12 pm

No, but what would make sense is impose hefty fines or community labor on non-violent offenders instead of jail time - as is done in other first world countries. Saves money.

Think Lovin Life
02/11/19 9:35 pm

Praet ... i see you’re not current on the Democrats latest hair brained idea to limit the number or criminal illegal aliens that ICE can detain at any one time. If they’re at capacity and a convicted murderer is apprehended recrossing the border illegally, they can’t be detained.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/11/19 10:58 pm

True, it's new to me and looks asinine.

Radon Parts Unknown
02/11/19 8:53 pm

Why yes. If you limit the holding amount, you have to let many go. If you let them go it's only a benefit! For one, once we give illegals the right to vote, they can vote in democrats till the end of time. Secondly, if they are violent people then they will create chaos and violence. Through that, we can use it as an excuse to increase the police state, take away guns from citizens and make more money through the arrests. Also, if we have more people in an area, the census can count these illegals. Then we can give more money to those areas! Which all will be run by democrats, who can spend the money on new bike lanes for the eventual gas engine ban. It's only positives by doing this. It's only because republicans are evil and racist that they want to even have ICE. Remember, we are only one new law away from paradise. We just need one more law...

Think Lovin Life
02/11/19 9:36 pm

Radon ... you do see clearly!

Radon Parts Unknown
02/11/19 9:43 pm

It's so easy to see through all of their snake like words and tear jerking. The plan is so obvious that I can't believe productive people still vote for them.