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Show Of Hands February 12th, 2019 3:10am

Do you think you could win a physical fight against the person you've spoken to most recently?

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doggybowl312 the dog hotel
02/19/19 9:21 am

Just talked to my 6 foot tall dad.... that’s not gonna go well

BLDmom86 Kentucky
02/19/19 12:12 am

That’d be my toddler & nope she’d kick my a$$

youngliberty California
02/15/19 9:54 pm

My 80 year old grandfather... Despite being in quite good shape for his age, I’m sure I could haha.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
02/13/19 5:12 pm

My sister is skinnier than me and she'd whup my ass.

Puzz1edOrc ion know
02/13/19 9:52 am

Sorry mom, ur going down 🤣

PrincessPetal Austin, TX
02/13/19 3:28 am

Via text communication.. 40 year old female versus 20 year old female, who would win? 😂

ARedHerring Kentucky
02/13/19 12:25 am

My father would pick my ass to the moon.

ARedHerring Kentucky
02/13/19 12:25 am

Kick, though pick works too

tdaddy Kentucky
02/12/19 10:24 pm

Mom? I seriously doubt it. Would I try? I seriously doubt it.

HilfeRetteMich Delaware
02/12/19 8:10 pm

HA, I’m currently bartending, and the only people at the bar right now are old drunk men. So it could go either way...

02/12/19 7:59 pm

I’m not going to fight the girl running the cash register at Chipotle, so she wins by default.

JamesAndersonMD La Jolla, CA
02/12/19 6:13 pm

My four-year-old son? I hope so.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
02/12/19 4:43 pm

Maybe. I can’t imagine my husband fighting me, so we’d both come out ok.

L0TTA Klimakrise
02/12/19 4:10 pm

Mom, prepare for a beating.

buffaloman Team Trump
02/12/19 4:07 pm

Yes, I’m pretty sure I would win a fight with my wife. 😆😂🤣

sea California
02/12/19 2:13 pm

Yes, my coworker is female and weighs about 100 lbs. I could win with both arms tied behind my back.

02/12/19 1:06 pm

No. My 31 year old daughter may weigh 130 and can dead lift 205 lbs. I have never wanted to hit her anyway. 😜

taumpy Massachusetts
02/12/19 12:56 pm

The last person I spoke to was an older woman working at a CVS so, yes, no question.

But I can’t imagine many scenarios where I would make that choice.

02/12/19 12:34 pm

I just relied to @voc does that count?

voc I am...what I am
02/12/19 1:32 pm

You could take me. I’m a HUGE pansy.

voc I am...what I am
02/12/19 2:40 pm

I didn’t know what you meant by relied, but I went with it because that’s what friends do.

02/12/19 3:19 pm

Ha ! Thanks guy! You rock!

Runescape Arizona
02/12/19 12:30 pm

Yes but she gave birth to me so I'll let her win

anniepoops fear the deer
02/12/19 12:03 pm

My mom would whoop me lol

TreeHair Wisconsin
02/12/19 10:14 am

I’ve been kicking my brother’s @ss for 13 years

02/12/19 9:02 am

My mother... That wouldn't look good.

cyphermonk Nashville, TN
02/12/19 8:50 am

It was my 3 year old daughter. She’s tough and she’s got a low center of gravity. But I could distract her with some goldfish and Doc McStuffins long enough to get the upper hand.

farenorth swimmingly
02/12/19 7:06 am

Yes, and that would likely be true on most days. People underestimate how prepared I am to defend myself if needed. Have only needed to once but I took on a man twice my size who fully intended to rape me. I was more prepared than him and that was my saving grace.

phalnx Ohio
02/12/19 6:53 am

Well, I COULD, but that'd be most unwise. I've gotta sleep sometime, and my wife would want revenge 😵

02/12/19 1:07 pm


IEatzCookies Alderaan
02/12/19 6:33 am

my sister who's a foot shorter so yeah

02/12/19 6:27 am

What a weird question. For many people, the person you’ve most recently spoke to was your significant other, family member, or coworker. Why would SOH ask this question? Why would anyone evaluate whether they could win a physical fight against the person they most recently had a conversation with?

farenorth swimmingly
02/12/19 7:08 am

Sudden zombie apocalypse?

UniversePlan Michigan
02/12/19 5:15 am

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zimmy Florida
02/12/19 4:35 am

My wife? She’ll kick my ass! 😛

02/12/19 7:39 am

Same, and I’d let her.

bluepawn California
02/12/19 10:03 am

Weak male. Gets his ass beat by his wife let alone a woman. Don’t even call yourself a man at this point.

02/13/19 6:11 am

Smart man. It’s not about strength.

Ferganam Behind You
02/12/19 4:19 am

He’s 5 and I outweigh him by 200 lbs. it would be close.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
02/12/19 2:31 am

Id fuck my 5yo up!!!

Dont ask this question again in a year or two though, that little bastard locked in an armbar last week and almost hyperextended my elbow.

susanr Colorado
02/12/19 2:06 am

Nope. My daughter. I’m bigger but she’s much more fit and has more stamina. She wouldn’t go for it, though. And I wouldn’t even try. We’d probably both just sit down and laugh about it.

CudOfCow Oregon
02/12/19 1:43 am

My wife just said "I love you, good night"

So...i forfeit.

02/12/19 1:09 pm


02/12/19 1:18 am

I'm a 6'0 physically fit 165lbs 25 year old. The last person I talked to was a girl, probably my age, about 100-110 lbs (skinny), and quite short. I think yes.

Waterguy Texas
02/13/19 10:57 am

You’re a little underweight, man.

02/13/19 11:42 am

I'm a little above the dead center normal weight when looking at BMI. But yes, compared to other Americans I'm underweight.

prallen Property and order
02/12/19 1:12 am

Yep. Fat fake homeless woman with a change cup. She always needs $19 to get a hotel room for the night, every single night.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
02/12/19 1:03 am

No. The cashier was a big heavy guy!
Besides, he's nice too. Why would I want to hit him?

02/12/19 12:16 am

Lol. No. My work husband would woop me easily.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
02/12/19 12:10 am

I am not much of a fighter. At all. And the guy I just talked to knows mixed martial arts. He could rip my ass off and hand it back to me without even trying.

Spiritof76 USA 1776
02/12/19 12:03 am

The wife? No, she'd just kick me in the nuts...ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!

smartfart Florida
02/11/19 11:34 pm

My wife? Don’t tell her I said I could.

Zebera5659 Kennewick WA
02/11/19 10:41 pm

It was my 3 year old so I think I could take him

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
02/11/19 10:18 pm

I’ve KOed myself more than once.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
02/11/19 10:01 pm

No, because that would be my sweet wife of 45 years, and I'd never hurt her. ❤️

jd910 Washington
02/11/19 10:02 pm

My answer also, except it’s 44 years.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
02/11/19 10:14 pm

You still get a trophy!🏆

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
02/11/19 10:01 pm

Seen as how I have spent the last 30min trying to convince my 18month old twins that they should go to bed and stop crawling out of their cribs; I think I would win.
But they are 100% winning the war of attrition. Waking up in the night, early in the morning, tearing the house apart every time you turn your head and refusing to eat, to name a few. I am run down.

SauceBoss nj
02/11/19 9:47 pm

Maybe? It would be close and pathetic since neither of us would have any fighting prowess.

peacenskis Alaska
02/11/19 9:44 pm

Maybe, it would be close. I answered no since I won’t physically fight anyone over anything. I go out of my way these days to not so much as even argue. I don’t mind debating my beliefs, but not to the point of actually arguing much less physically fighting. It’s hard some days with a 13 year old around. I have to really hold back sometimes! 😫

John81 Narnia
02/11/19 11:00 pm

What if your life depended on it?