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handsyjo February 12th, 2019 2:27am

It's being reported that a deal has been struck between democrats and Republicans on border security and funding the goverment. If Trump were to refuse the deal, the shutdown would fall squarely in his shoulders.

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GeezerGolf Show us your papers
02/12/19 11:00 am

Just because you say no to a shitty deal? I don’t think so!

02/12/19 7:58 am

Nah actually itll fall to Trump and McConnell because the media obfuscated McConnell from the last one as he hid in his shell (turtle joke) as he himself said in an interview before that im the guy who ends shutdowns so if the government shutdowns again McConnell better not be able to just hide again like last time and he should be pressured and use his words against him.

Whatsamattaferu 11726
02/12/19 7:36 am

That’s what the Dems are banking on

Suzan Hawaii
02/11/19 10:44 pm

He already took for responsibility even though the Democrats have refused to work in good faith

02/11/19 10:57 pm

How have they refused to work in good faith when they just came to a compromise with Republicans? Is working in good faith code for "I'll give you three week to give me what I want"?

DonWichita Kansas
02/12/19 6:42 am

@handsyjo you don't follow the news much do you.

02/12/19 6:48 am

To which news are you referring?

Whatsamattaferu 11726
02/12/19 7:37 am

There is no deal . The 1.5 billion is what was in the table before the last shutdown

Suzan Hawaii
02/13/19 12:44 am

I believe that they deliberately decide on something that he will refuse

Suzan Hawaii
02/13/19 12:45 am

I watched his interview with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. He said he would take responsibility for the shut down

Suzan Hawaii
02/13/19 12:47 am

I believe that they deliberately chose something that Trump would refuse to sign.

02/11/19 9:32 pm

Totally disagree!

02/11/19 8:37 pm

It would be another Schumer Shutdown!

02/11/19 8:28 pm

He’s the only one who said I’m proud to shut down the gov .

02/11/19 9:34 pm

What’s your point? If he doesn’t get the money for the wall he should shut down the government. It’s time the Dems grow up and care more for Americans than for illegals.

02/11/19 9:54 pm

Regardless of his reasons or the merit of them, would he not be responsible for the shut down?

auntiesamm Orange County CA
02/11/19 7:29 pm

Depends on whether or not the deal includes border funding!

02/11/19 7:33 pm

Does it matter if Republicans and Dems agreed together? Whether it was for a wall, or more federal golf carts... Would Trump be responsible for shuting down the goverment?