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PamGH February 12th, 2019 2:04am

Of all the exonerations thus far: if you are black you spent an average of 10.7 years wrongly incarcerated and if you are white you spent an average of 7.4 years wrongly incarcerated. Is the evidence of implicit bias?

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02/11/19 10:51 pm

Our society is predominantly white. If it were predominantly black there would be a different result. That’s not to say we shouldn’t strive for fairness but rather it is a trait of the species to attempt to overcome.

02/11/19 9:37 pm

Obviously not! That’s an erroneous conclusion

susanr Colorado
02/11/19 8:15 pm

I voted no *only* because I don’t think that’s enough information to prove it. It’s one statistic and I don’t know what, if any, measures were taken to control for factors that might explain it.

susanr Colorado
02/11/19 9:13 pm

I certainly think the implication is there, that the difference is due to bias, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that held up after thorough analysis.

PamGH Washington
02/11/19 10:21 pm

The article also states that of 362 dna exonerations 222 were black.