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clmcd42 February 12th, 2019 1:57am

Are all criticisms of Israel instances of anti-Semitism?

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xxxceo Nationalist
02/12/19 5:23 pm

No. I had a heated debate with someone on here acting as though it was. It’s possible to criticize someone who’s Jewish (Soros, Shapiro, any random Jewish guy) without it being anti-Semitic. It’s dependent on how you criticize them.

02/12/19 12:38 pm

1) there is no question that anti-semitism is on the rise globally and domestically. 2) if you are pro America, then there is no reason to be anti-Israel. 3) there is no moral equivalence between Israel and the Palestinians. 4) Israel is both the good guy and the victim. Any other opinion is just ignorance.

clmcd42 Texas
02/12/19 12:44 pm

So their human rights violations mean nothing? It's unfathomable to you that people might not be ok with human rights violations?

02/12/19 12:32 pm

Tin foil hat much??? Geez

02/12/19 8:06 am

Its just something used to smear anyone who speaks objectively and critically against Israel’s actions. Whats telling is that the 1st bill passed in the Senate this year was one in favor of attacking free speech protections of those who support BDS. Something that is in Israel’s best intentions nothing to do with helping our own citizens in the U.S. but a foreign government.

02/12/19 6:28 am

How come the Jews are the only ones who get a whole new word to refer to prejudice against them?

clmcd42 Texas
02/12/19 9:14 am

How about "Islamaphobe"?

02/13/19 7:32 am

Excellent observation. Finally something the Jews and muslims have in common.

Ebola007 Florida
02/11/19 7:42 pm

Not all but most have an undercurrent of anti semitism.

Specifically anti Zionism is naked anti semitism.

02/11/19 7:47 pm

How do we tell the difference

02/11/19 7:48 pm

Not all but ?

02/11/19 7:48 pm

Do you even know what your defending

02/11/19 7:49 pm

Or just towing the religious white line

LibArtie SW Connecticut
02/11/19 7:01 pm

No. In fact criticism of Israel and antisemitism are unrelated.

SauceBoss nj
02/11/19 10:56 pm

True but unfortunately there are many instances in which the two are intertwined.

Sploosh The Upside Down
02/12/19 9:29 am


clmcd42 Texas
02/11/19 6:58 pm

Hopefully this isn't controversial, but it is possible to criticize Israel without being an anti-Semite.