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GARYJ February 11th, 2019 3:55pm

Should gay/bi men be allowed to donate blood?

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02/12/19 3:16 am

They should be able to drive too.

02/11/19 10:15 pm

With the screening they do now, why not?

wolffman08 New Jersey
02/11/19 9:57 am

Why wouldn’t they?

GARYJ Libertarian
02/11/19 11:09 am

There’s a one year ban on sexually active gay men

ronderman North Carolina
02/12/19 4:16 am

Since the 80s, there has been a screening question about being a man and having sex with men. It was put in place because of AIDS.

There is also a screening question about prostitution.

With the screening methods, those questions should go away.